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C’est un bon premier emploi pour les étudiants mais ce n’est pas un entreprise où faire carrière.
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Good opportunities to grow

Good place to grow into a management position if you want it.Minimum wage and no benefits offered.Respects balance of school work and hours. Can get really busy during holiday or back to school time
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Fun environment & flexible

one of my favourite jobs. great work environment and culture. respected my school schedule and home life. would recommend to any young teen/adult looking for a first job. Although not much growth
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Great first retail job

Had a lot of fun, stayed with the company for years. Never felt bored, always different stuff to do, alot of possibility for advancement. Great first retail job, would definitely work there again.

Points positifs

Available hours

Points négatifs

Catty managers sometimes
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Horrible management

The management was horrible with zero structure. Zero communication between the managers with false promises being made and gaslighting employees. They make you do other things not in you job description with zero compensation.

Points positifs

Friendly coworkers

Points négatifs

No sitting, bad management, false promises, gaslighting and zero advancement
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fun and rewarding work environment

a welcoming company with opportunities to grow internally. the culture rewards hard work. the discount is nice and employees are encouraged to express themselves.

Points positifs

discount, good coworkers and mangement

Points négatifs

hours being cut in jan/feb/march
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experience depends on store

good benefitsfun environment always something to dopay isn't very competitivegood people often understaffedmembership focusedpromotions based on relationships over talent

Points positifs

nice discount

Points négatifs

never enough staff
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Fun coworkers but worst management. They don’t listen, they want us to do the most for min wage. They would purposefully skip yearly reviews to avoid giving raises
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Good place to work for teenagers

Friendly people. Hard work and extreme professionalism needed. You never can seat down. Great discounts. No room to grow for a part time employee Learned a lot about retail but after a year I was not learning anymore.
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No work-life balance

Company is an absolute disaster. No work-life balance at all. They are all about “growth” even though no one gets promoted. Externals get paid 10000x more than internals.
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The job alone is good, everything else, not so mich

Title sums it up. On paper and in theory, the visual merchandiser job is a dream. In actuality; a nightmare. Training is not structured. Long term plan for your specific department role is not planned ahead of training completion, making it hard to really perfect your specific department. Other management training gets dropped and never revisited. Fellow management joked about violence towards our part time sales advisers. Managers openly stated their disdain of employees and desire for them to be fired instead of having their performance improved. Writing employees up for being late is hella fine…unless it seems to be a manager.
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Terrible place

Management is very rude to the staff. There is no room for advancement in the pay. Many changes in management and very very unstable work environment
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Underpaid if you don’t work in Toronto

Frequently mention the ‘GROW’ acronym they love, yet growth is extremely slow versus other companies. You will be made to do the work of managers or positions above you for months, while keeping your original title and wage. They will delay promotions and wage increases until yearly performance reviews, to ensure you can either take a $0.50 raise or a $2 one, not both.

Points positifs

Great coworkers

Points négatifs

Managers are nice people, but corporate will suck the humanity out of them in the name of profit.
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Fun chill job

I didn't like how they gave 3 - 4 hour shifts seems like a waste to travel out there for that. Enjoyed my time on cash and in the fitting room, tidying up as well. Nice co-workers but the manager kept changing all the time.

Points positifs

Nice environment and work culture

Points négatifs

Too short hours
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Very busy

They try to keep encouraging you to get customers email and sign up at their website. The reason why I stayed cuz of my team and very nice and helpful.
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Good first job

Its a great place to work when youre just starting out and there is a lot of room for growth. It just wasnt for me. Personally at the londonderry location, which is where I worked, management was very bad.
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Aucun respect de ses employés

La gestion d’équipe est degeulasse, on engage des nouveaux et on oublie de les former. certains restent des mois et des mois sans formation de caisse. on oublie de leur fournir leurs horaires ainsi que l’accès à l’application. les gerant usent de chantage pour vous soutirer des jour de travail en plus tel que « si tu me donne pas tel jour de libre je vais devoir rompre le contrat ». ils n’ont aucun respect du contrat que vous signez et c’est juridiquement scandaleux. dommage et décevant de la part d’une si grande Brand.
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Rough man

Worked there over a year. Started as a sales associate then went for visual. They trained me for a couple months then I was given responsibility over two out of the four departments. I did like the work but the environment not so much. When it finally came time to promote me they said the could not afford it. So they made me a full time sales associate which I should’ve been for 6 months at this point. I was paid minimum wage for 6+ months of work when I should’ve been paid much more for that time. I was paid less than the other two visuals and had more work. And with one of my departments being mens, I also had to run the top floor on top of my visual work. The scheduled work would take 8hrs and they’d expect me to run mens cash and fitting rooms on top of it.It’s a fine company if you don’t want to move up at all.
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Good part-time job for students, but non-competitive wages

Flexible scheduling and a great team! Good first job to have as a student, but raises are rare and the salary is not competitive. Management are organization were good.
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I would say working at H&M was one of the best experience I was offered. I would rate H&M 10/10

Working at H&M for as long as I did was a great exclamation and I just wanna thank them for the great opportunity they gave me to learn and grow within the company over the passed 6 months I was there. My coworkers including management were always amazing helpful never drama and if you ever had any concerns or questions you can always go to your coworkers or managers and they would help you as much as they could with whatever you needed help with. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to work at H&M to do so. Overall I would rate H&M 10/10 :)
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It is okay, but not the best

I don't like that we work call-in shifts, and as soon as I started working the managers already messed up my schedule and they scheduled me for a day I had an exam and I had to remind them to remove it multiple times. They also did not explain call-in shifts to me and I ended up coming in for one I did not need to because no one told me how they worked.
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