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Visual Manager14 avis
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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Way too stressful for what you get paid. Head office asks for a lot and sometimes feels like a big game of broken telephone as everyone has a different vision on how to interpret the mood boards for concepts. The idea they sold on being able to be creative is really saying be creative but only in this box

Points positifs

Decent benefits

Points négatifs

No over time pay, long hours
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Not a bad place to work, but underpaid and overworked

I’ve heard that working here was amazing in the past and that it is still a good place to work outside of Canada. But at any level higher then a part timer, the pay does not reflect the amount of work and time they want you to put into it. They have a way of making you feel undervalued.

Points positifs

Decent Benefits, Depending in the store; open work environment

Points négatifs

Pay, overworked, undervalued, poor management from the store managers and above
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Contradictory work environment

A creative fun place to work however not supported by head office. Ask too much of the management staff without providing any support at store level which is frustrating
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Visual Manager

They sell you on the perks and the job which is very mundane and repetitive a monkey could learn it. The department managers slack a lot and really they don’t do anything unless they know head office is coming. The work life balance is non existent and really at the end of the day it’s not worth your time energy and the stress.
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It really is a Great Place to Work

My time at H&M was amazing. I remember in our group interview our HR rep had said she feels pride working for H&M, I remember thinking to myself, I hope I feel the way she does. I truly did. Thinking back to my past jobs, H&M was (and I think always will be) my favourite place to work.
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Looks fun on the outside, but overwhelming expectations and understaffed

I liked the management team and felt like they tried really hard to keep people happy in their roles. However they weren't given a lot to work with by the company who imposed very high expectations on staff members every minute of every day. Not enough tools to go around, still using archaic cash registers that customers hated, and always understaffed.
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Would not recommend

Very competitive company. Very group oriented where if you dont "fit in" count yourself out on any promotions or advancement. Hard work, going above and beyond and taking initiative in your own ideas hardly go noticed, again if you fit in with the higher management you will get promoted regardless of hard work.
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Store and Area management is awful

I was repeatedly promised a promotion while I was already doing all of the tasks and carrying the responsibilities of the position I was to be promoted to. My promotion was put off over and over again until I finally quit after four months of empty promises and mistreatment by management. There are managers at the location I was previously employed by who have been with the company for many years and take advantage of all other employees who are new to the company. They make their own rules and bring their personal problems with them to work. With this being said I think this would be a great place to work part-time for a student.

Points positifs

Good hours

Points négatifs

Terrible management
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hard work, great people

A great work environment with opportunities for advancement. Fast paced, always on the go. Management is supportive and knowledgeable but sometimes disorganized and narrow minded.
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Good job, great benefits

A good company for sure, fashionable, trendy and stable which is great. Good benefits too! Training was both good and bad, I think a different approach would have been beneficial for the trainer and trainee.
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rather not discuss

Not sure why I would have to give a review on my current job. I would rather not discuss it. There should be no reason I have to rate my job or give a review to see who is hiring
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H&M makes you feel like you belong to a big family

H&M group is a great place to work for! A day at work is never the same! For me the best part of working for H&M was the workplace culture! The company believes in all the employees and it feels like being part of a big family!
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a good start to a retail career

good starting point learned a alot about the retail industry and and visual merchandising. that customers are great and my co workers were good as well.
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Hectic Environment, good atmosphere

A typical day at work - staying busy all day (everyday is like boxing day) - complete tasks as quick as possible Learned - stay busy - be quick - stand your ground Management -there is always good and bad -they are people too and will learn Co workers -best part about working there

Points positifs

Paid staff meetings, treats, working with friends, and discount

Points négatifs

Stressful, a lot of unhappy people
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