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Sales Associate166 avis
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fun part-time job

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fun part-time job. opportunity to meet new people and make friends, relaxed schedule, breaks every shift, and giftcards for christmas + you get paid on your birthday
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Everyone I have worked with has been very nice. Sometimes management can be disorganized. You're pushed to work really hard and that's wonderful motivation but somethings are out of the worker's control, which can be hard to work with. Sometimes not enough workers are scheduled which puts extreme pressure on workers to do well as management says their management needs to crack down on the workers who are doing their best. Overall, a nice place to work, just wish there was more help sometimes.
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stressful work experience with no compensation or benefits

Worked there for two years with no raise. I suffered discrimination from the management team in my second year there to the point where I had to quit. It can get stressful working there on busy days but if you like fast-pace then the job is for you.
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Energetic workplace but stressful management

Work days either went very well or very terribly as dependent on what the shift managers moods were. The workplace culture among other sales associates were friendly and made shifts enjoyable.
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Fun and team building

Everyday was different. Some days were fast paced while others were very slow. The fast days were stressful if the whole group didn't work hard but otherwise it was an overall fair experience. I learned the ins and outs of fashion, what drives sales, and time management to get things done in the store. I never had a problem with management, nor with any customers really. The hardest part of the job was a lot of fast paced walking and carrying many pieces of clothing. The most frustrating thing about the job was working overtime to put everything back and running out of time at the end of the night.
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Amazing place to work!

Loved everything about it, the management was amazing, the team was super cheerful and friendly. 11/10!! I truly can't say anything bad or hard about the job, it was an amazing place to work!
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Fun but Stressful

Working with co-workers is really fun but the working environment was very toxic. All the good managers are gone so now the management system has completely changed and is overly strict for no reason. Appreciation for hard work and working over-time (which is VERY common here) is never properly considered nor appreciated. Also asking for days off can be difficult cause the store is often short on staff so they scrutinize their employees to come in.
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Horrible enviroment to work in

- management is horrible at communicating the most basic things - the training was also not very good, when I asked questions in order to get more information ( like how to do basic stuff like clock in) they got mad at me - management also acts entitled 90% of the time do not care about your advancement or those fake little values they make you learn - management is also immature, sensed alot of attitude when I tried approaching certain managers I was supposed to trust - they messed up my pay 2 weeks in a row - they scheduled me outside my availability - they made me clean so they would not have to train me fully all in all I think they are racist and picky, I wasted a month only to have cripping anxiety because I didnt want to approach my own managers about stuff they were supposed to teach me... 0/10 would not recommmend especially not for a student who plants to not fail.
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Extremely nice work enovrinment and team

Everything about working at H&M was good and I never had any complaints. All of my coworkers were wonderful, it was very organized and productive and overall a great experience
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Fun Place to Work as a Student

Great PT job for a student. Staff is very welcoming and friendly. So much room for advancement within the company based on what you would like to do. Clothes are great and the staff discount is convenient as well. They care about their employees as well as the environment and community.

Points positifs

Discount, Clothes, Management

Points négatifs

Not enough hours unfortunately
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Job asked for too much for such little time

A typical day at work would either be an 8 hour shift, or a 4 hour shift. And every hour is split into doing different jobs. Anyway, usually if you're opening, you'd be working ALONE on a whole floor, looking after TWO WHOLE departments, meaning: you have to watch the cash register, the fitting rooms, the leftover clothes that need to be put back to the floor, the clothes on the tables that need to be folded, and help the customers that are currently looking around in your floor. Also, management loves to talk about teamwork but only when it's for their gain. There is no help around when I need it but lo and behold, if it's the Store Manager that needs help, everyone needs to drop what they are doing and help her. Not to mention, the Store Manager and some Department Manager(s) are biased towards their favourites. Also, the Store Manager shows up to work about 15-30 minutes every single day. The higher managers from the Area team are also unbelievably rude. One Area Manager visited from another city to our store and did a walkthrough of the store and quite literally talked down on another sales associate. This poor girl literally hid in the fitting rooms just to cry because she had been embarrassed in front of the other managers. Area Managers think they are always right about a store situation, instead of hearing out our suggestions or actual experiences. The discount is not even worth it. 25% is basically nothing. The most enjoyable part of the job are the other sales associates that I've become friends with.
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fast paced work environment

I worked at two locations, the first location I worked at was the Outlet mall location, I very much enjoyed it there. They kept me busy with large tasks and gave me a good amount of hours. the people at this location were extremely pleasant and management wasn't bad either. It was when I started working at the West Edmonton Mall location that found there was a lot of unnecessary workplace drama besides that I was given a lot of hours at this location and was always busy no matter the day because of the location of this H&M.
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Worst retail place to work at

management are total scums, always adjust your schedule and give you minimum hours. Some people have to pay bills they should focus on not hiring so many people and limiting everyone's hours but theirs. Management is also very arrogant and sneaky. Would not recommend working here. Customers are really friendly though.
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Fun Workplace but extremely toxic environment

I used to love working at H&M but later the environment became so toxic and cliquey. Managers would have favorites and hang out with people outside of work a lot, it was very unprofessional. People are always talking trash about everyone. But I did make some good friends there and it did use to be a lot of fun at the beginning.
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Working at H&M is what you would expect from a typical retail experience. The work can be fast paced but pretty straight forward so nothing too challenging.

Points positifs

Christmas gift cards and employee discounts

Points négatifs

Sparse hours in the january months
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best job ever

with coworkers and managers that encourage you to do your best on a day to day basis it was very easy and exciting for me to go to work everyday and really enjoy my job
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productive workplace

It gets really busy at the fitting room, but when you're on the floor, it's pretty chill. Being a cashier was fun too. You get to look around while working and shop after work
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fun place to work at and get to meet a lot of fun people

Management at H&M is actually great. All our managers are easy to talk to and make you want to talk with them. Although this job does feel like a drag once you work for too long you build great relationships with you coworkers.
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Stressfull, Toxic and Rude.

I worked at H&M for 2 years and i have to say i was soo sick of it! Managers are rude, there was this one manager who would talk rudly and bossily whenever, the store got busy. i always felt i was being picked on . whenever, soemone made a mistake she would come upto me and would tell me that it was my fault even though how much i defended myself, she still chose to come back at me for the tinsiest things others would do. they would tell you "hey how are you" barely looking at your face. managers would talk ill about sales associates either with the managers or other sales associates. they say we are family, but majority of the managers had their favourites.i wouldnt recommend anyone this place, work is stressfull, understaffed and very disappointing,
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fun place to work but very busy

the hardest part of working at h&m was just keeping up with the fact pace of how things work there. you are either scheduled in the fitting rooms or cash register. if you are working and not in either of these areas you must always be clearing or helping customers.

Points positifs

nice discount

Points négatifs

lots of standing
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Great environment but needs more are to grow on

Employees were nice and what not. However, closing time wasn’t accurate as promised you really don’t get out at 10 but rather at a later time. I’d advised you to not apply if your a student in high school or university because they will force you to stay. But rather some managers including the store manager will threaten to write you up and terminate you if you call in sick and are actually vomiting profusely even if you have already tried asking other employees to take your shift . Soo much for teaching employees how to “grow” and be “cultured”. That being said if your really in need for a job go for it.

Points positifs

Great and dedicated employees, environment.

Points négatifs

Inaccurate shifts, management.
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