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Sales Associate243 avis
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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Cut a lot of hours and change/cancel your shifts last minute.The workplace itself isn't bad, the people are great.Sometimes understaffed.Sometimes they care more about customers than employees.
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they cut everyones hours i ony have 8 hours a week now which is nothing if you live in vancouver. managers are okay. if you want to change your schedule it takes a lot of time
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Great part-time job for students

Working part-time at H&M as a student offers valuable retail experience, flexible hours which is great for a busy uni student. No major complaints here.
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Honestly loved my time here, worked for 3 years and other than the lack of accommodation for employees I loved everyone and the people i met along the way.
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Exhausting and Terrible Management

physically & mentally exhausting workplace. the management changed every couple of months because it was awful to work there. would not recommend. only good thing was the employees
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Too much work for too little pay

Management gets worse as time goes on, shamed for not wanting a career there and they that advantage of all their employees. Raises are not even a quarter of a dollar a year and no benefits, sooo much running and work and maintenance for minimum wage. Everyone I worked with hated it everyday and have quit or are job searching.
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Volatile working days

When I first started to work here, I had a good senior sales associate who was friendly and helped to train me so that I quickly learned my role and my responsibilities.Eventually I learned that the managers like to micro-manage employees. On days when the store barely had any customers, the manager expected you to walk up and down the store inspecting the garments. Even after doing that round and confirming everything was in order and no customers came in the store because there were some busy and dull periods throughout the week, he hated seeing you stand at the till and asked you to do more useless rounds around the store.Also they gave employees less hours while actively recruiting instead pf giving more hours to their current employees.
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Not enjoyable

Did not enjoy working here. Would not recommend. Very poor management and a lot of turnover within management. Not enough training. Always new staff and people quitting. Not a supportive workplace environment.
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Good Experince

Good place to earn experience while also making friends and being supported. Could work on growing while with the company. I found that there's not much opportunity for growth.
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Productive Workplace

Management and team are always friendly and helpful. The employee discount is the best perk, and your birthday is guaranteed off. Very flexible with hours as well.
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Good Hours , horrible staff

Great hours and good discounts, however at this location the staff and most management created a hostile environment, very high school. A lot of work politics for a minimum wage job
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Management makes or breaks it

Management at my location were not team leaders and instead just bossed you around, they took out their bad days on us and hurt the morale of the sales associate at my location. They also hovered over you and micro-managed everything you did.
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Not the best, but not the worst workplace

Days can be extremely fast paced or slow depending on time of the year. Management is okay. Days feel repetitive but you do have a variety of positions to work in throughout the day. You’re watched on how many member scans you get from customers and the percentage they want always gets higher and higher. Having a good relationship with your coworkers will make a huge difference with your work day. No room for raises or advancement in the company. Employees who are liked most by management are favoured to do side tasks while the rest don’t get to do so.
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Good place to work

It was good! Can improve on a lot of things. My time was short. I was a part time employee so it was not everyday shifts. It is good to earn extra during school.
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It was fun with my coworkers! Flexible especially if you’re in school

Flexible schedule while you’re in schoolManagement was ok, a bit frustrating at timesAmazing coworkersGood work life balance (if you’re part time) Hard to advance
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Great place to work!!

FLEXIBLE WITH GREAT MANAGERS. Great for students. Wonderful work culture. Hardest part of job is dealing with some rude customers. Most enjoyable part is the staff discounts and relationships you will build
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Good organization

The managers really seemed to care about the workers and our well being. But overall organization from all managers was good. I did question however the hiring methods and I feel alot of good canidates were missed based on superficial things.
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Fun team, poor appreciation from management

staff was fun people to work with but the work that managers would give you was very tiring for minimum salary.
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Nice environment

Good place for part time, management was good, shift were flexible, colleagues were good but it get really hectic as the store is always busy. Hours were limited
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Really fun

The managers are amazing and everyone will treat you right. They are so helpful at the beginning during training and you never stop having fun with these ppl.
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Good place to grow in the company if you work for it!

It was a fun place to work with great co-workers I am still close with. There was a lot of work but it was satisfying when you finished it. It felt like a family with my co-workers. I saw people move up to head office who were hard-working team players giving their 100% every shift. H&M has an HR department who does interviews for jobs in head office so you can't move up without having the right skills. Getting promoted to head office is the same as it is at any job you work at but people who didn't get promoted will leave negative reviews cause they are bitter about not getting it. Don't get fooled by them. I recommend it as a fun retail job for students or anyone else who loves fashion and customer service.

Points positifs

Great co-workers, member perks, opportunities to grow, snacks in the break room

Points négatifs

Long hours and a lot of shifts but good if you need the money
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