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Retail Sales Associate12 avis
Canada12 avis

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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Productive, action-oriented environment, lovely coworkers

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The job itself can get overwhelming at times, since there is a lot too do and it gets busy. You will typically be trained to cover all functions, like cash, fitting rooms and maintaining sales floor so the work day is dynamic and doesn't get too boring. Co-workers make the job awesome.

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inconsistent hours
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Salary does not reflect the work. Good job to first set foot in a professional environment to start building CV.

Honestly, your experience really depends on the dynamic of the specific store. I was lucky enough to have worked with a large group of people my age in a flagship store so it was a very stimulating and fast-paced store where I learned a lot quickly. The salary does not reflect the amount of work and attitude you get from customers at times, but it is a good job to first set foot in a professional environment to start building your CV, especially if you are a student looking for experience. I started off as a retail sales person and then I moved into admin work for the store after a year so it helped boost my salary by a little bit and it also showed growth within the company on my CV, which helped me obtain a better salaried job down the line. I worked there for two years and I highly recommend it for students looking for a part-time job.

Points positifs

The work environment can be fun with the right people, paid on your birthday, 25% off any H&M purchase, flexible hours

Points négatifs

Long hours on your feet for little pay, customers are terrible at times, management is not always the best
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One of the better places I have worked but became much worse after the introduction of customer memberships/points system.

When I started working here one of the things I enjoyed was there was no script or specific questions I had to ask every customer and I could be a lot more natural helping customers. After they introduced their membership program we had to bring it up in every customer interaction and our number of new sign-ups became more important than our sales numbers. It made the job twice as hard, honestly.

Points positifs

25% Staff discount on everything, even already on sale items / I had really nice coworkers

Points négatifs

their membership program, they claim to have an online inventory system but it's not even close to accurate, scheduling was all over the place and changed frequently
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Productive and interactive place of employment

Easy to get along with everyone working there, including management. if you work good and efficiently it is very easy to move up into the company. Fun and collaborative place of work.
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Just a place for high school or university starter

If you are looking for a sales experience, then go for it. But if you are looking for something you want to develop your career here? It's not a good place. Terrible paycheque. Just a minimum salary and no commission. They will never arrange shifts that are over 8 hours because they don't want to pay you overtime. So if you get 9 hours shift you will get a 1-hour break. Management is poor. They always hire new people but they won't give away more than 2 days shift a week for an old part-time employee.

Points positifs

Young workmates

Points négatifs

Low salary, no benefit, poor management
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Really fun company to work for

Working for hnm is good, if you are a college student and are looking for a relaxed job where you dont have to be stressed all day. I do get busy sometimes, but still it is not as stressful as compared to other retail jobs.
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Terrible Management

Great people to work with and terrible management. The first month was amazing and then it went completely downhill. Management are mean and often break HR rules.

Points positifs

Nice lunches sometimes and great people to work with

Points négatifs

Terrible Management
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okay workplace with food

the managers were very nice but the people who work there arent the most fun to talk to. though you are underpaid for the amount of work you do, there usually is free food if theres an occasion

Points positifs

lots of free food

Points négatifs

underpaid for amount of work you do
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Everyone was energetic and friendly

This was a co-op job placement, everyday I would help unload the trucks and clean the changing rooms, help the costumers as well as other employees whom needed it. The hardest part about this job was not knowing where the clothes went in the store, for the beginning of the time that I've worked there. Though I caught on fast. The most enjoyable part of this job was working with new people everyday, getting to know all the other employees and my boss.
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Amazing atmosphere and fun workplace

My shifts at work usually went by exceptionally quick due to the fast past and constant customer service required. I enjoyed my job very much including my duties, coworkers, and work experience overall. Retail is definitely something I would love to get into again.
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Its a nice environment to work at. Supportive management team. Good hours, good location. Great learning experience.
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Productive and fun workplace with H&M

-running "ponies on the floor" -garment caring for the clothes -placing costumers in the fitting room -proper cash procedures -cashier -return policies

Points positifs

great team

Points négatifs

you worked long hours
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