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Department Manager30 avis
Canada30 avis

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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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From my personal experience, I'm not happy working at H&M. I feel like I'm not important and I feel left out. After 5 months, I haven't completed my formation and I'm a Department Manager. They're not taking the time to properly show me everything and when I do a mistake, they judge me, because I'm not "new" anymore. It's really sad because I left a really good company for this job.
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Worst job I’ve ever had

This was the most stressful job I ever worked . You do so much work for so little pay , managers do anything to pass off their work to the lower level employees while all management take 1000 smoke breaks a day together and leave everybody to fend for themselves . They put up some big family front but the whole environment is so high-school . Management gossips more than the regular staff and drives many works away .

Points positifs

Good clothes

Points négatifs

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Fell out of love with the job

I loved the job and the people I worked with. The salary was nice, almost enough to live by (before inflation) and I initially felt proud working there however, after a while, I just felt overworked, constantly stressed, and under-appreciated. There was not much work-life balance and I was severely underpaid for my abilities and skills. The company also preaches staff retention and how it is important but it felt as if it was only towards some specific people and not as a collective. Upper management also showed a lot of favouritism towards certain individuals that the “expectations and values” of the company didn’t apply to them as they are able to make decisions and bend the rules to help themselves.
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Growth oriented workplace, high energy and fast pace

I really enjoyed my time at H&M. I had a lot of opportunities to learn new things and grow professionally. They have an unofficial motto that when managers get frustrated and leave, they always come back. I've found that's true, the grass is definitely greener at H&M.

Points positifs

Paid birthdays off, flexible schedule, fair compensation

Points négatifs

Like any retail sales environment, you're sometimes asked to do more with less in a high pressure environment
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Difficult work environment

Upper management is very uninvolved unless you are in a major city. Work life balance was good, but there is very little concern with the work experience of the store level associates and unfairness and favouritism are very common. Their focus on internal promotions seems to result in inexperienced and immature managers who are prone to fluctuating between being excessively collegial and extremely harsh with employees.

Points positifs

Not much overtime for managers, work is easy with not much accountability to selling targets.

Points négatifs

9 hour days, inexperienced management, negativity and drama
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getting product onto the floor direct and indirect customer service flexible hours and schedules company growth fast paced physically demanding high traffic of customers high inventory count and stockroom maintenance
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great benefits not great work life balance. They pay you just above the general wage for this job which does not equal out with all the over time you end up doing.
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Overall great

It was a great place. Great welcoming group. Management was open and honest. I would go back. I traveled to a few different stores within Canada. Working in Ontario was the best. Alberta specifically Calgary was a bit off. Turn over rate was high. Overall my experience was great aside from that
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Great place to gain experience, but work life balance is poor

I've enjoyed working at H&M for the last 5 years. I gained a lot of experience and was given opportunities to learn and grow as a person. Unfortunately the work/life balance is quite poor - it's hard to maintain any sort of semblance of a normal life with other "adults" when you have no set schedule, and are expected to work late nights and weekends.
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Implements work/life balance

This is a company where they embrace cultural diversity. They are also value centered and very goal oriented. Management really pushes you to enhance and develop your skills and knowledge. I believe it's the only retail company in the Philippines who implements 2 rest days in a week.

Points positifs

Wear your personality, 2 rest days, no discrimination, fun culture, room for growth

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Good place to work for the most part. Has ups and downs like most places. More room for advancement if you will move. Someone is willing to listen when you have a problem

Points positifs

Good wage

Points négatifs

Less work life and home life balance
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Huge workload and responsibility

The workload does not match up with the salary. Upper management who are not in store are disconnected and unreachable when issues arise. Expected to work overtime to get your responsibilites done but will not pay overtime or give you the time back. Not a great place to work... although they will tell you it is.

Points positifs

Benifits are good

Points négatifs

Area management is not good, Expectations are unrealistic, The job description does not accurately reflect the job, No overtime pay, Expected to work overtime
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Excellent company, poor overhead

Competitive base pay, excellent benefits, values driven company. Poor store management. Fast paced, fashion forward, retail environment with chances of development.

Points positifs

Pay, benefits, company values

Points négatifs

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ok place to work... if you are a manager

great place to grow if you are willing to wait maybe two years to advance sometimes longer If the management didn't really like you even if you were great at your job

Points positifs

great work life balance

Points négatifs

waiting forever for promotion
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Great place to work as a part time employee

H&M demands a lot of all staff. It is a fast pace work environment where all staff are cross trained on all function/tasks (cash, truck, fitting room0
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H&M is a great retail company for anyone who loves afast pace environment. it is a great way to gain experience and work ethic. but the pace can be too much for some people and the amount of work is alot
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Great Place to work 3 years running

H&M is a great company to gain experience. There are so many opportunities to grow as a person and in the retail industry. It has been named Great place to work for three years in a row.
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Dpt. Manager/Administrator

Salary is good but with a catch. Expect to handle multiple positions simultaneously (Sale advisor, Store Administrator (full responsibility), Visual Merchandising, Operations, Cashier. Deadlines and expectations are Unreasonable, Especially if you are handling full administrative roles at any given time. Management are young, inexperienced and upper management are somehow snobby. Work load is overwhelming while cutting cost and reducing hours for part timers. (Managers are expected to cover those shift gaps). Advancement opportunities are limited, depending on how much upper management like you.

Points positifs

Friendly co workers, Clothing discount

Points négatifs

Unfriendly management, overwhelming workload, unethical practices
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great people to work with

The culture is amazing, many of my coworkers are what i consider good friends now. the only downside is an immense workload that often interferes with having a regular 8-9 hr day.
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Where Favoritism and Nepotism live !!

Worked at H&M for almost 5 years, it was a great place to work in the beginning but things started going down hill after 2 years. Favoritism and Nepotism was the best practices that the Support office did. The best place to work survey was a joke and was always rigged. Overall was a great place but it's Leaders at the Support office were people with little or no skill. The salary was peanuts and their expectations was through the roof. Its great for part time as you dont have to deal with the useless support office. No overtime but they expect you to give your life to the company. You can have advancement opportunities only if you sucked up to the corporate office leaders.

Points positifs

Fashionable clothes

Points négatifs

Long hours, no recognition, favoritism . No advancement
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Fun place to work but not good work life balance

Love the staff, benefits are great, pay is okay but not what you would expect. The downside is the balance between work and personal life.
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Department Manager chez H&M

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