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Cashier/Sales30 avis
Canada30 avis

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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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very friendly and supportive management and a fun work place

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working at H&M was my part time job while at school, very supportive and friendly managers and great coworkers. the salary was minimum wage but is enough to live as a broke student
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productive and fun

Team work oriented learn to cope with highly intense situations i.e. holiday rush hours the management is very laid back and easy to talk to but always make sure the company is operating well.

Points positifs

fun environment

Points négatifs

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Fun working environment at most times.

Really good job experiment but not so good work environment, people are very rude and not friendly at the H&M at Yorkdale.
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Productive, busy workplace

Always busy;n always something that needed to be done. Never had time to be bored. Management could have been better in the sense of distributing hours and having more people working at peak hours, but overall an understanding bunch.

Points positifs

Good, flexible hours

Points négatifs

A few long-term employees, who weren't very welcoming, nor willing to help out when you are new and didn't know what to do.
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Fast paced, retail

At the time I was working there it was unbearable to work there because half the management were absolutely rude and took on favourites.
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Good place to learn customer service skills

The company met my expectations in regards to their regard to employee needs and adhered to company standards during my time there.
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great employees

Usually I would be working by myself most of my shift. I would cover cash, fitting rooms, cleaning and running. I was trained in many different positions. I was trained as a visual, a truck responsible, I trained the new people on the floor and on truck, I helped open and close tills and I helped with safe count in the morning and evening. I had great co-workers when I got to work with them, and it was a very fast paced environment most days. There were a few evenings where there was a lot of call-outs and it was left to me, one person downstairs and one manager to run the store for the last few hours before closing. Management was not very good at keeping their word which was very frustrating. There were days where customers were very difficult to deal with, which was not very fun either. I loved all my co-workers and I enjoyed doing visual work, that was my favourite part of the job.
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H&M - Best Retailer!

In my opinion, H&M is probably the best retail company to be employed with. It's not your typical "after school" job, everyone there thinks of it more so as a career. Managers are very hands on and care about employee development. They have monthly goals of developmental goals they'd like to achieve. Examples: Promote two part time to full time, One full time to manager etc. You also have the options to assist in store openings not only in Canada but the world. And H&M covers that cost to do so. That's a great incentive and is amazing to add to your experience. H&M isn't your typical retailer, they're the least judgemental and don't stereotype. If you go into H&M you'll see people of all sorts, fashion sense, race, weight, age. As opposed to most retailers prioritizing hiring staff based on looks compared to their work ethic and experience. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to work in the retail industry.

Points positifs

Non Stereo Typical, Staff Discount, Employee Development, Fun
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Fun, energetic workplace

H&M created a friendly, fun environment for people to work in. Management pushed employees to excel and actively supervised the team, helping out when necessary.
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Very busy store

At H&M, I was working in the children's section, managing the inventory and helping the customer find what they are looking for. I would help on the cash, I was very fast and my first time working as a cashier. It was a very fun environment to work at, although the closing time was very long since there is a lot of merchandise and sometimes the clients would throw the merchandise on the floor, therefore it would take an hour and half sometimes to clean the store. But, it was a fun first job and had an amazing staff working with me.

Points positifs

fun environment, great staff

Points négatifs

long hours
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