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very friendly and supportive management and a fun work place

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working at H&M was my part time job while at school, very supportive and friendly managers and great coworkers. the salary was minimum wage but is enough to live as a broke student
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Toxic Work Environment

Very toxic work environment with certain management teams. Constant talking behind employees backs and being rude. Just a lot of negativity going around and no one actually gets positive feedback such as “hey you did a good job with this”. It was more so like you need to do this better or do that better.
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Good first job

Its a great place to work when youre just starting out and there is a lot of room for growth. It just wasnt for me. Personally at the londonderry location, which is where I worked, management was very bad.
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I would say working at H&M was one of the best experience I was offered. I would rate H&M 10/10

Working at H&M for as long as I did was a great exclamation and I just wanna thank them for the great opportunity they gave me to learn and grow within the company over the passed 6 months I was there. My coworkers including management were always amazing helpful never drama and if you ever had any concerns or questions you can always go to your coworkers or managers and they would help you as much as they could with whatever you needed help with. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to work at H&M to do so. Overall I would rate H&M 10/10 :)
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A good job if You’re in school

It’s really a student job. Allows you to make a bit of money on the side. Salary ain’t good : you really start from the bottom. You do a lot of work for a cheap pay. They are obligated to ask you 3 shifts a week. Do not give them more than you can cuz they will take advantage of that. You can choose your schedule with some conditions, your paid vacations days and days off. Tho, the work place is very stressful, focuses on recrutement for the membership program and forcing you to maintain a quota. Fast work pace and can be toxic at some moments. Some managers play favouritism and recrutement are based on how candidates look like sometimes. Employees make the work environment more enjoyable.
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Friends for life

Good job a lot of discounts for employees and managers are nice and welcoming. Face paced. You will meet people you will be friends with for life. They are also flexible hen it come to schedule
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Fun workplace. fun people.

A typical day at work would start off with me checking what sections I am responsible for for each hour of my shift. Then i would go to my section, sort of clothing racks and fold clothes properly that are on display. WIthin the worplace the other employees were very nice and supportive during my time there. The hardest part of my job was being stationed at the cashier when it is a very busy day. We did have a lot of people on the cash register but it was still stressful having to rush through helping customers.

Points positifs

Fun employees, Flexible schedule

Points négatifs

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Would not recommend working here

When I briefly worked at H&M, it was extremely clear that the employees are very cliquey. Definitely not a friendly or welcoming environment. One of H&M’s values is “we are one team”, and I definitely did not feel like part of the team.

Points positifs

Dress code

Points négatifs

Unfriendly environment, unprofessional
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Stressful and hard, but good snacks i am not going to lie.

I would go into my shift and work a truck a shift. It wasn't guaranteed hours and they were flexible because we didn't know how long the truck shipments would be. It was amazing when I first got hired on with the managers in 2017 that lead the store. I chose to relocate for the store, and when new management came in, i noticed a change in environment. Alot of people left and resigned. There wasn't enough floor coverage and the store was messy. We were getting threatened to get written up when the truck daily's didn't add up. But customer service was good and i loved working cash.

Points positifs

lunches, snacks

Points négatifs

low staff, high maintenance.
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Upbeat, fast paced environment

I like the fast paced work, management are a bunch of immature morons who spend most of the day in the back room. They play favorites to kids who take time off are late constantly and do nothing all day, the people who work and are dependable get treated poorly. One month I got close to 40 hours, the next 8, very inconsistent. But the environment is upbeat and fast paced.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Poor management
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super fast-paced job, apply only if you think you could do it

not gonna lie but working at H&M downtown vancouver would probably be one of the hardest retail jobs that you could apply for. since the mall is so big and the store itself is also pretty big, it's always busy everyday and during the weekends it gets even busier. it can be really fast-paced and hectic, you'll always have to be 100% focused or else you're prone to make small mistakes. a typical day would be would be working in a certain department (women's department, men's department, etc.) and in each hour they would schedule you to do the cash, fits, etc. it was painfully confusing at first but if you're strong and confident enough you'll get used to it. i liked the co-workers in here, they were all out going and easy to get along with, always so helpful, and the managers were caring too. but unfortunately they had to let me go. :( just one tip and advice, if you're new here, make sure to always ask questions no matter what to avoid mistakes. apply here if you think that you genuinely thrive in fast-paced environments.
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Friendly and team oriented environment

A great place for flexible hours while in school or doing things outside of work. Room for growth but often positions are not available. Very people oriented, everyone is friendly however, management needs a little more organization.

Points positifs

cool break room, snacks and meals provided every now and then

Points négatifs

very fast paced and long hours on your feet
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Always busy so time flies.

The job itself wasn't bad at all, but the people I worked with always gossiped started nasty rumers about each other and were always rude and impatient with customers. The people who worked there longest would gang up on the new employees and treat them with no respect. Management was poor because all of this drama was happening right under their noses and some of the managers were the cause of the problem by picking sides of the employees that were there longer out of loyalty. Please keep in mind that this was 9 years ago, so I'm sure things much have changed since then.

Points positifs

Fun job

Points négatifs

Terrible atmosphere for the new employees.
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Good place to work

The only thing that really sucks is that staying late to close but that comes with the job, so its not the companies fault. Besides that, it was a really great place to work and I loved everyone who was that.

Points négatifs

Late close
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Productive, Fun

Great place to work. Very flexible for students. Excellent environment and your tasks change daily keeping work interesting. The staff is great and is always there when you need help to complete a task.
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Very friendly environment and also flexible hours for students

- Putting garments to the right spot - Making sure the sections are clean and clothes are picked up off the ground - Cashier when needed to replace co-workers - Emptied out cash deposit boxes and counted tills - Ensuring customers have the best customer experience at H&M

Points positifs

Great managers who are really supportive

Points négatifs

Commute was really expensive for me
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Fun but Stressful

H&M was a great job that required a little too much commitment for part-time. Required minimum hours was a little much to handle with school and extracurriculars. A great place to work if it's the only thing on your plate.
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Expectations are too big

Makes you do way too many things in so little time and a lot of memorization. There's a lot of team work though which I like but sometimes, people end up creating cliques. There's new management and they're alright but still way too much expectations and the system that we use to deal with all the garments requires way too much work and is not efficient.
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Toxic environment with horrible management and miserable two faced employees

A typical day includes literally running around the store. Every hour, your tasks change. So in a 6 hour long shift, you will be going back and fourth between different departments either cleaning, running or trying to remain sane. On days when your short on staff (honestly every shift) you can find yourself being responsible for cleaning an entire department, processing transactions at the cash and being responsible for watching the fitting room. Please keep in mind that if you've ever walked into an H&M before you know that the stores aren't small so its almost impossible to do this alone. The employees are horrible. Although a lot of them are friends, they've known each other for years outside of the store! So when new people get hired, don't expect them to welcome you with open arms. When asking for help, FORGET IT. they are extremely rude and gossip constantly about how you should just "know how to do this" Its a very negative and fake workplace. Picture yourself working with the girls from Mean Girls, thats how working at H&M is. Ask any one of the employees how their shift is going.. I promise you, they'll say their "Fed up of this" Management is worse. None of them know how to run a team at all. They are extremely unwelcoming and two-faced. Please keep in mind, when they say: "Yeah its okay, its not a problem, sure!" its a lie and expect to find yourself in a horrible situation a few short weeks later. Their on call system is jacked. IF your looking to make some extra money, just don't go there. Its very hard to get hours there. The most enjoyable part - 

Points positifs

25% discount on clothing

Points négatifs

Horrible management, either extremely long hours, or virtually no hours at all
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an amazing atmosphere with great regular customers.Management was amazing and constantly would push us to hit better sales goals which i greatly appreciated as I enjoyed the challenge.We would often deal with angry customers but I never let it bother me as I take very few things personally.Overall a great experience and company to work for.

Points positifs

employee discounts on new clothing

Points négatifs

the hours were never set, it was basically on call or whenever they desperately needed someone.
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Fun workplace

Very fun place to work, co workers are hard working and make you feel right at home. The job as a whole is a great experience where you get to meet new and interesting people everyday and get a head start on new and trendy fashion styles.

Points positifs

Great coworkers

Points négatifs

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