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Winnipeg, MB5 avis

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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Okay place to work

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To be honest I learned a lot and it was a fun place to work. My colleagues were very nice and forthcoming. The benefits weren't bad either. Although the pay wasn't the best
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Fun place to work with great people

The culture at H&M is very team focused and everyone is so nice to work with! Managers are super understanding and are flexible with the schedule, as a student I don’t have to stress too much about it.

Points positifs

Food/snacks provided during holidays, friendly environment

Points négatifs

Long hours sometimes
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Fast paced, demanding, and low pay

The wage doesn’t reflect the amount of work thats expected from you. Incredibly demanding especially when the stores get really busy. I find that some managers can be rude and passive aggressive if their expectations are not met or if things are not done immediately or to their liking. There is an obvious case of favouritism amongst employees which is shown when hours are cut during the slower months. On the bright side, the hours are flexible and they tend to hire students so your coworkers are usually very friendly and nice.
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Unethical, Unprofressional and Abusive Workplace

Bullying, Poor Communication, Low Pay/High Work Load, Unethical Shift Hours. This company is good at marketing their work place but the management at this particular store is very unethical. The turnover rate is extremely high and the people who have quit have all experienced this. I just want to highlight my points so people applying can read about what goes on here. I left my job there due to these circumstances and stand by all these observations. Managers belittle other managers to employees, managers talk down upon other employees to employees. This creates a culture of negative gossip in which employees will want to befriend the managers in order to not be bullied. This also creates a culture of fraternization. Respecting the power figures is of certain importance, any feedback is met with no changes what so ever. Pay is minimum wage. You are on your feet your entire shift, breaks are frowned upon you can get between 4-9 hr shifts. Be prepared to be standing this long as well as running around. The job itself as expected is doing cash, customer service, processing shipments and putting out new clothes. Your functions will change every hour. Some days you will not get a break, you could be working until midnight and work at 7am the next day. This is EXPECTED. You are expected to work these types of hours for minimum wage. You will notice there is little to no consistency with the management, most will do whatever they want, this confuses employees on what the standard operating procedures actually should be creating a really difficult environment as there's no - 

Points positifs

Friendy co workers, Clothing discount

Points négatifs

Bad management, low wage, unethical practices
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Fun workplace, constant room for advancing

A typical day at work involves a team meeting before starting your shift, followed by a list of what you could expect to be doing that day and then you're off to help out customers! I learned a lot about one on one contact with customers and really listening to their wants and needs as well as patience! Management was always there when you needed them and never had any trouble answering questions for you or doing whatever they could to make your work day a little easier! my coworkers were always excellent to work with, i looked forward to being there every day because of them. The hardest part of the job would be the technical difficulties with machinery that happened frequently, but that is unavoidable in such a large store. The most enjoyable part of the job was watching a customer leave the store feeling excited about their new purchases!

Points positifs

Often times we were rewarded with free stuff, flexible work hours

Points négatifs

often times we would have to cut hours, based on sales.
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3,5 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Salaire/avantages sociaux
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