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Avis des employés pour H&M - Vaughan, ON

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Vaughan, ON16 avis

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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good temporary job if you want to make a lot of money

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I worked here for the summer and it was okay. It's overwhelming and busy all the time and customers will always yell at you for stupid reasons. Sometimes the manager will defend you or make you look stupid by giving into the customer it depends on the manager. They're so inflexible with hours, trying to get days off is genuinely impossible they just won't let you. Coworkers are nice but it's pretty cliquey and you have to dress nice and trendy or else people won't talk to you. Honestly, you would think that with all the people working there, you wouldn't work that much, no. I worked way more than I wanted. Overall it was okay, but just be wary.

Points positifs

Nice coworkers, lots of hours

Points négatifs

Poor management, inflexible hours, overwhelming, busy
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Pretty good

A pretty good place to work. Flexible hours. Tuition reimbursement after one year. Fast-paced though, you should know how to work independently and quick but nothing serious

Points positifs

25% discount, co-workers, pretty chill

Points négatifs

can be overwhelming at first with the business, not enough hours after the holidays.
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Fast Paced workplace with great people.

Working at H&M was okay, I felt that management was not flexible with hours and did not contribute to a healthy work/life balance. The people were great but I do not recommend working here if you are a student with early morning cl

Points positifs

Great people

Points négatifs

Long closing shifts
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Absolutely Terrible

Absolutely terrible place to work. I have never witnesses such an unorganized, chaotic job like this in my life. To start off, the shifts they give out are insane. The mall closes at 7pm on Sunday’s and since they are too cheap to hire overnight staff, through holidays and the christmas season i was leaving around 1am-3am even though my shift started at 11am!!! .If your not a favourite in this store, management will ensure that you feel it. Only the “liked” employees can have their phone in their pocket and wear want they want and talk durring their shift while the managers are so strict with other employees. This whole place is a mess and i would never recommend it.
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productive workplace

It gets really busy at the fitting room, but when you're on the floor, it's pretty chill. Being a cashier was fun too. You get to look around while working and shop after work
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Always a great place to go to work, fun, lively, and happy.

H&M was a great foray into the clothing industry, a lot to do, a lot to keep you busy. Pay isn't the absolute best, but the people and environment almost make it work it.

Points positifs

Great people

Points négatifs

No consistent schedule
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Good place to work

The only thing that really sucks is that staying late to close but that comes with the job, so its not the companies fault. Besides that, it was a really great place to work and I loved everyone who was that.

Points négatifs

Late close
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Great company

H&m was a great company and i was honored to work at such a massive, rich company like that. The people were great and the managers were well rounded and fair.
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Productive place with several opportunities to grow.

It is a very diverse environment where you can just be yourself. It's a perfect opportunity for students as the hours are pretty flexible. It's also great for people who are looking for full-time or more permanent positions as there are several opportunities for growth within the company. It is a great work environment. The staff is great and the management team is approachable.

Points positifs

You get paid holiday pay on your birthday

Points négatifs

staff who have worked there for a long time should get better raises
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sale advisor

Good for a first time job if anyone is looking to work for the first time i highly suggest working at H&M and the team at all H&M's are amazing. I had an extremely good experience and would apply again.
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Friendly Staff, Long Hours

Staff and management are fairly friendly, long hours, with a crazy schedule is the hardest part. Workplace culture is great, there are new challenges every day, and a team feel to solving them.
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Fun and chill environment

Company is a good company to work for, just the workload was too much to handle during my pregnancy. Training is really good and very detailed to help your success.

Points positifs

You get your birthday off and still get paid for it.
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It's great place to work

Depending on location it can be one of the most busiest stores. For me it was busy but you get used to the fast pace u have to be in. The pay may not feel like it's worth the amount of work you put in but the co workers, managers, and environment make up for it.

Points positifs

The discount was 25%

Points négatifs

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It's a positive environment, a safe place to work, h&m is like a small family and just overall an amazing place to work. A normal day would be a 10 hour shift but the plus side to that would be an hour break and then a 15 minute paid break.

Points positifs

free lunches

Points négatifs

long hours
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Best place to work

-Great management -excellent staff -organized and efficient -friendly and positive environment - flexible schedule -amazing clothes that you feel proud to sell and wear

Points positifs

flexible hours

Points négatifs

the 'busy' hours
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what its like at h&M?

i think h&M is a great place to work, it is fun and up beat and fast paced, it keeps you moving all day, you get to work with a lot of fun people, and the day passes without you even noticing.
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