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Ottawa, ON20 avis

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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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good, nice experience, good people and nice enviornment
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Really fun staff

The staff here were the best. My managers and co-workers were so chill and nice. The only bad part of this jo for me was the pay(minium wage). I made some really nice friends here.
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It was okay, good for students

It is good for students, management was OK sometimes but sometimes they would make things a little bit stressful and you can make a lot of good friends here, better for younger people.Min wage.

Points positifs

Meet a lot of good people, food parties, good work life balance, great for students

Points négatifs

A lot of communication issues with management, minimum wage
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Friends for life

Good job a lot of discounts for employees and managers are nice and welcoming. Face paced. You will meet people you will be friends with for life. They are also flexible hen it come to schedule
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Fast-paced but very flexible

The management was okay although a bit disorganized. There were a lot of employees so you never get to know everyone, but you'll make some friends after some time.

Points positifs

Very flexible and friendly coworkers

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Decent place to work, Heavily depends on Management

Fun employees and great location. Management was pretty terrible and would constantly make your shifts more stressful. Getting hours during off-seasons is also difficult. Employee discount isn't so bad since it applies to sale items too (You'll always know when the nice items are bout to go on sale). They also give you call in shifts which pretty much steal your day since you'll be waiting to see if you get a call and once it looks like you won't be getting called and start planning your day they will call you 30min before the shift starts to come in.

Points positifs

Meet interesting people, employee discount

Points négatifs

Hours are bad, Management
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stressful work experience with no compensation or benefits

Worked there for two years with no raise. I suffered discrimination from the management team in my second year there to the point where I had to quit. It can get stressful working there on busy days but if you like fast-pace then the job is for you.
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Visual Manager

They sell you on the perks and the job which is very mundane and repetitive a monkey could learn it. The department managers slack a lot and really they don’t do anything unless they know head office is coming. The work life balance is non existent and really at the end of the day it’s not worth your time energy and the stress.
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One of the hardest places to work retail

Possibly it was just my management, but they were rude, too open about things in their personal lives, and very hard on all the employees. More calm managers would make jokes to sales advisors about how we couldn't talk to each other on the floor. Managers would say we are a family, but would talk behind employees backs, never recognize them for the good work and career advancements were handed out to the overly friendly and very anxious.

Points positifs

Free lunches on busy weekends, snacks, fun coworkers

Points négatifs

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great team

it is a cultural environment with a huge team having each othhers back.
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lovely environment to work. great management. great flexibility for a student. great colleagues to work with. always learning something new. does not get monotonous
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Very Intensive

A lot of expectations and not enough payout, My location was not the busiest but still with few staff and not much support it can get chaotic quickly.
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Good place to work

They were very team motivated which I liked, everyone helped each other out. They weren’t great at scheduling though, had to talk to management a few times about errors.

Points positifs

Lots of team building games

Points négatifs

On your feet all day
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Great co-workers and fast-paced environment.

Great place to work thanks to your colleagues. Easy to get your shifts taken if you need to book off for school or other priorities. Management is very approchable and easy to talk to.
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Work hard/get over worked

It's a hard company to get into. It's not your easy retail job. They expect the best. But the management is terrible. Mangers should get reviews on each managers. Not a total of management grouping.

Points positifs

benifits are great

Points négatifs

Managers not fair, lack of respect
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A welcoming place to work

I just started working at H&M and I enjoy it very much. Everyone is very friendly, supportive and they encourage one another to do their best work. It's a very motivating atmosphere, and the employees are a wide range of people that are easy to talk to. You can be yourself and you are always doing something different every day. The hours are good if you are a student, but not too steady. However, it depends on what is going on in your life (school, other work, etc).

Points positifs

Managers, employees, all-around welcoming atmosphere, motivating

Points négatifs

Hours, some scheduling, not steady hours
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Good starting retail job

Big work team, got to meet lots of coworkers and always had an enjoyable experience on the job. Some management positions should've been changed as they were not capable of managing people in an appropriate way.
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mauvaise experience

ils sont pas de bons superviseurs, je me s uis blessé au travail , rien na ete fait.

Points positifs

repas au debut

Points négatifs

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Amazing workplace

A typical day at work would include clocking in, then proceeding to your assigned area (fitting rooms, cash, running, stock) then switching after an hour or two to your next section. This goes on until you leave! I love that you get to do multiple things rather than the same thing over and over. I've learned how to sell well, and also garment care and run much more efficiently. Management is always extremely supportive and encouraging and really works to better employees. Co-workers are nice and sociable, very quirky and hard working. The hardest part pf the job would be the constant cleaning of garments, given it is a popular store many things get moved around. The most enjoyable part of the job is the atmosphere and company. Everyone really helps keep the mood up.

Points positifs

atmosphere, people, leniency, support

Points négatifs

brightness, beeping noise the cash makes
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Not what i thought

Things changed after a while. it started off fun and amazing, dont know what happened.
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