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Montréal, QC36 avis

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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Belle culture d'entreprise, ouverture d'esprit et d'inclusion, super avantages sociaux mais univers très stressant et prenant n'en temps pour la vente de vêtements.Bloc de conger interdit pour les gestionnaires (ex noel)
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Nous a good work environment

Working here was my worst work experience if my life.Not a collaborative environment and the management team often speaks poorly of the employees in store.Very fast paced which isn't a bad thing although the job is not enjoyable.

Points positifs

Pay is ok, employee discount

Points négatifs

Everything else
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Fun place to work

H&M was a fun workplace where I met a lot of great and hard working people. I appreciated the support and flexibility around taking time off. The main con was a lack of consistent hours during winter months.
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good for students

The overall work is good, employees are fun and respectful and the manager is understanding, you can also feel yourself grow. Best as a student job too.
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Chouette équipe

Équipe de travail au top ! mais trop stressant pour un salaire qui ne reflète pas le travail qu'on effectue. C'était une belle expérience grâce aux collègues mais je ne mettrais plus pieds
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Même pour un emploi étudiant, c'est horrible comme emploi!

Points positifs

horaire semi-flexible ; rabais sur les vêtements

Points négatifs

tout le reste
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A nightmare

H&M is honestly just a nightmare to work at. Most managers are extremely rude and full of themselves, creating an extremely toxic work environment. They expect you to do way more than what they’re paying you for. It is not worth the emotional and physical damage.
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fun workplace

h&m is great for a first job. you learn a lot and the team is great. the job itself is easy but can get stressful during rush hours and especially with rude clients.

Points positifs

15 minute breaks

Points négatifs

long hours
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Bon premier emplois

C’est un bon premier emploi pour les étudiants mais ce n’est pas un entreprise où faire carrière.
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Good part-time job for students, but non-competitive wages

Flexible scheduling and a great team! Good first job to have as a student, but raises are rare and the salary is not competitive. Management are organization were good.
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A good job if You’re in school

It’s really a student job. Allows you to make a bit of money on the side. Salary ain’t good : you really start from the bottom. You do a lot of work for a cheap pay. They are obligated to ask you 3 shifts a week. Do not give them more than you can cuz they will take advantage of that. You can choose your schedule with some conditions, your paid vacations days and days off. Tho, the work place is very stressful, focuses on recrutement for the membership program and forcing you to maintain a quota. Fast work pace and can be toxic at some moments. Some managers play favouritism and recrutement are based on how candidates look like sometimes. Employees make the work environment more enjoyable.
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Fast paced and mentally draining job

The hours are long and its very hard to balance your personal and work life. Management is just as stressed as employees so nothing ever really gets resolved. There is room to grow if your willing to give up all your free time and basically live there. I moved up fairly quickly but experienced burnout and couldnt do it. High turnover rate so by the time you train a new employee they quit and youre onto the next. Only good thing about job was staff, made some lifelong friends there and they were the only reason I was staying
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Salary does not reflect the work. Good job to first set foot in a professional environment to start building CV.

Honestly, your experience really depends on the dynamic of the specific store. I was lucky enough to have worked with a large group of people my age in a flagship store so it was a very stimulating and fast-paced store where I learned a lot quickly. The salary does not reflect the amount of work and attitude you get from customers at times, but it is a good job to first set foot in a professional environment to start building your CV, especially if you are a student looking for experience. I started off as a retail sales person and then I moved into admin work for the store after a year so it helped boost my salary by a little bit and it also showed growth within the company on my CV, which helped me obtain a better salaried job down the line. I worked there for two years and I highly recommend it for students looking for a part-time job.

Points positifs

The work environment can be fun with the right people, paid on your birthday, 25% off any H&M purchase, flexible hours

Points négatifs

Long hours on your feet for little pay, customers are terrible at times, management is not always the best
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Toxic environment

I worked with the company for 2 years, I tried to give it a chance fir 2 whole years but it was just getting worse. The job itself isn’t that bad if you’re a fast learner but the team is just horrible (I worked at rockland btw). The managers have their little minions that are basically their friends outside of work and they’ve been working together for a long time so they always gang up on the new employees. If you ever need help, they will all judge you because they’ll expect you to know everything?? They’re always gossiping and creating drama for nothing which is completely unprofessional. The managers don’t know how to do their job and they’re always confused. They act like high school mean girls and try to intimidate everyone. They never admit when they’re wrong and they’re so self absorbed. Don’t even think about working there, they literally give promotions to the same people every year, make you do managers job and you don’t get paid for it, basically taking every advantage of you.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

taking advantage of the employees, toxic environment, hypocrite managers and employees, worst place ever.
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Horrible workplace

I promise you guys, don't work here. The absolute worst and toxic work environment. Managers talk behind your back, employees talk behind your back. Useless, inexperienced, and two-faced managers that talk about you to other employees. They demand WAY too much for a minimum wage job. Don't even think about messing up because they fire you once you do with no valid reasoning. Horrible horrible work environment. DON'T WORK HERE. It's not worth it.

Points positifs

employee discount

Points négatifs

everything else
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Terrible head office

Managers are either not well trained or they are very catty. Sometimes people from head office will come in your stores. Do not expect them to know your name or to even say hi. They are a bunch of mean girls and it reflects in how their store are managed. They spend their days chatting and gossiping about each other and their staff.HR will not have your back, they are pro managers. Avoid this company.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Toxic environnement
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Plutôt positif

Travail purement alimentaire me concernant, ni positif ni négatif. Bonne équipe de travail solidaire en général mais attention au favoritisme des anciens concernant les répartitions d'heures, si vous avez besoin d'en faire beaucoup mais que vous êtes nouveau.elle vous ne serez pas prioritaire.
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Fun workplace with fun people. There are possibilities to get promoted within the company. However you can finish pretty late during the week nights. i
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Productive and cohesive

It was great to work at I can’t complain it’s a great area to learn

Points positifs

Free lunches

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Not a great job opportunity

The management is very hard to speak to. I was not given a pay for a whole month because they didn't submit my check information in time and blamed it on me. the hours are very bad, will always be different. They will give you 7 days to work in a row (4hour shifts) then not give you a single shift for a week. A lot of work for what you get paid, really not worth it. always expect to stay overtime if working till closing (can take you up to 1-2 hours to clean and run store).
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Unprofessional management.

Worst management, ever. unprofessional, favoritism, underpaid, overworked, asked to do management tasks but not paid for it, unstable management, lies about growth opportunity. however, there's a very good team spirit and flexible for a student job.

Points négatifs

non-professional management.
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