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Good first job

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Its a great place to work when youre just starting out and there is a lot of room for growth. It just wasnt for me. Personally at the londonderry location, which is where I worked, management was very bad.
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Fell out of love with the job

I loved the job and the people I worked with. The salary was nice, almost enough to live by (before inflation) and I initially felt proud working there however, after a while, I just felt overworked, constantly stressed, and under-appreciated. There was not much work-life balance and I was severely underpaid for my abilities and skills. The company also preaches staff retention and how it is important but it felt as if it was only towards some specific people and not as a collective. Upper management also showed a lot of favouritism towards certain individuals that the “expectations and values” of the company didn’t apply to them as they are able to make decisions and bend the rules to help themselves.
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not bad

co-workers were great and some managers. most of the managers and visual managers were rude and expected you to do their job without bonus pay. never had holidays off so be prepared to be scheduled
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Used to love it, now I don’t :(

I started working with H&M in 2019 before we pushed membership recruitment. The only thing stressful at that time was cleaning, running garments (especially on busy days) and good ol’ customers. The people I worked with were always nice and most managers too! I liked working….that was till they began SOR. Which is Membership recruitment at cash. Everyday of every hour there is a constant need to recruit members for loyalty and we cannot be under at certain percentage (and this varies from store to store) This is what stressed me and a lot of my coworkers out :( I wish I could have decent convos with customer without the fear of not getting them to sign up. TL;DRH&M’s values and workplace is nice! Great values and I always have fun with my coworkers. There’s also lots of engagement. But if you love the challenge of membership recruitment every shift on the floor, while also worrying about the crazy amounts of clothes running and cleaning all for minimum wage :’) be my guest! I feel like these are things H&M should work on more, otherwise lots of workers will end up leaving. If it weren’t for my friends at work I probably would have left earlier.
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it’s an ok place to work.

if you don’t “fit in” with the staff who have been there longer, they make you feel like you don’t belong and aren’t welcoming. hours suck unless you work there in december, they give priority hours to anyone who’s been there the longest even if they’re part time staff.

Points positifs

good discount

Points négatifs

not enough shifts to make it worth it
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Great Job If You Like Feeling Expendible

H&M is the kind of company that attempts to create a positive work environment, but cannot deliver. As an employee, you'll often hear about how much you are valued. In the end, however, you are nothing but an expendable cog within a massive multinational corporation. In my store, management discussed development with a wide array of employees and promised development when positions became available. Unfortunately, even though upper-level management claims to prefer internal development, company recruiters actively search for talent outside the company—effectively undermining the ladder of development and training promised to existing employees within the stores.

Points positifs

$50 gift card from the company at Christmas, The majority of the in-store team and management are great people and were a pleasure to work with.

Points négatifs

Important decisions are made by upper-level management who are seldom in-store, Upper-level management are under-qualified
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Wonderful work environment

I’ve been working at H&M since September 2019 and I absolutely love it! Everyone Is so friendly and helpful, it’s a fun and easy place to work, and it’s very relaxed. There’s also lots of room to learn and grow/advance. The only downside is there’s not a lot of hours for part timers (most I’ve gotten is about 25 hours in a week, but I typically only get about 12) its also very easygoing and management isn’t very understanding
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Summer and school job

I started working here in the summer and ended when my school did. It was an awesome place to work. If you can bear customer service and handle people really well I highly recommend it. They just had the one of the funnest work places.
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Stressful and hard, but good snacks i am not going to lie.

I would go into my shift and work a truck a shift. It wasn't guaranteed hours and they were flexible because we didn't know how long the truck shipments would be. It was amazing when I first got hired on with the managers in 2017 that lead the store. I chose to relocate for the store, and when new management came in, i noticed a change in environment. Alot of people left and resigned. There wasn't enough floor coverage and the store was messy. We were getting threatened to get written up when the truck daily's didn't add up. But customer service was good and i loved working cash.

Points positifs

lunches, snacks

Points négatifs

low staff, high maintenance.
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Fun place to work

I enjoyed work culture with the management and sales advisors. The co workers are nice. The job tasks can be demanding and stressful but management is good with balance
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fast paced work environment

I worked at two locations, the first location I worked at was the Outlet mall location, I very much enjoyed it there. They kept me busy with large tasks and gave me a good amount of hours. the people at this location were extremely pleasant and management wasn't bad either. It was when I started working at the West Edmonton Mall location that found there was a lot of unnecessary workplace drama besides that I was given a lot of hours at this location and was always busy no matter the day because of the location of this H&M.
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Looks fun on the outside, but overwhelming expectations and understaffed

I liked the management team and felt like they tried really hard to keep people happy in their roles. However they weren't given a lot to work with by the company who imposed very high expectations on staff members every minute of every day. Not enough tools to go around, still using archaic cash registers that customers hated, and always understaffed.
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Just a place for high school or university starter

If you are looking for a sales experience, then go for it. But if you are looking for something you want to develop your career here? It's not a good place. Terrible paycheque. Just a minimum salary and no commission. They will never arrange shifts that are over 8 hours because they don't want to pay you overtime. So if you get 9 hours shift you will get a 1-hour break. Management is poor. They always hire new people but they won't give away more than 2 days shift a week for an old part-time employee.

Points positifs

Young workmates

Points négatifs

Low salary, no benefit, poor management
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Mostly good people to work with.

H&M has lots of pros such as the people you work with become family. But it can be challenging in the sense that upper management sometimes gives multiple directions and leaves little information on which direction to follow. Some upper management are very knowledgeable but lack people management skills.
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Good hours, no vacation

It was good and the other employees were great but as a student, they would give me closing shifts. Those weren't fun. They would say we were done at 10 pm but we often were forced to stay until 11 and it wasn't great if you had school the next day. Also, wasn't allowed to go on a vacation longer than a few days I believe.

Points positifs

Good hours

Points négatifs

Unpredictable closing clock out time
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sales advisor

H&M is a very welcoming environment in which is easy to get into. the work description is easy and you get all the training you need. over all a great work place
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Good staff terrible management.

I worked at H&M for five years, three years as a part timer was great, they like to promote from within, so I got promoted to full time because I expressed an interest in the Visual Merchandiser role. After two years of waiting, I never got the training or promotion I wanted. The company has bad communication from district managers to store managers to the staff. The people who work at H&M are amazing, they have a great attitude and are quite friendly. Also H&M loves to buy their employees treats. I wish I had a better experience with the company, but I was happy for three to four years.

Points positifs

fast paced, store bought snacks, great staff, promotions from within

Points négatifs

poor management, poor communication
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Huge workload and responsibility

The workload does not match up with the salary. Upper management who are not in store are disconnected and unreachable when issues arise. Expected to work overtime to get your responsibilites done but will not pay overtime or give you the time back. Not a great place to work... although they will tell you it is.

Points positifs

Benifits are good

Points négatifs

Area management is not good, Expectations are unrealistic, The job description does not accurately reflect the job, No overtime pay, Expected to work overtime
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Great and sound company to work for

Most organized company I have ever worked for! The management actually cares about the associates and everyone gets along like a family! Highly recommend working here
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Great people to work with in store

A very fast pace environment with very high demands. A fun and exiting place. A tough place to have work life balance however. But great company for structure.
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Fun and friendly workplace

The best part about working at H&M is the people. Ever since I started (almost) 3 years ago, it has never felt like work or I was never out of place. The people definitely makes you feel like family.
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