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Burnaby, BC12 avis

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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Fun and young employees

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Work on shifts, diversity employees, no benefit for part-time position. You can get discount for staff, sometimes it is very good discount. That is a fast-pace work place.

Points positifs

Discount for staff, diversity employees

Points négatifs

Fast-pace environment
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Growth oriented workplace, high energy and fast pace

I really enjoyed my time at H&M. I had a lot of opportunities to learn new things and grow professionally. They have an unofficial motto that when managers get frustrated and leave, they always come back. I've found that's true, the grass is definitely greener at H&M.

Points positifs

Paid birthdays off, flexible schedule, fair compensation

Points négatifs

Like any retail sales environment, you're sometimes asked to do more with less in a high pressure environment
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Like Working in a Sweatshop

This job requires high efficiency for cumbersome and menial tasks. It consists of processing (tagging and hanging clothes), running (bringing clothes from the warehouse/fitting rooms/returns to the floor), store cleanliness and cash point sales. Customer service is very much the lowest priority as employees are unable to balance the workload while still tending to customer needs.Management is shoddy at best. The general manager in particular is condescending, jaded and toxic. It is made clear very early on that respect is earned through slaving yourself away at the job. While management and senior/tenured employees view anything but the best as examples of incompetence and laziness, it is difficult and taxing to give 110% to a minimum wage job while being degraded. H&M has no problem promoting themselves as "conscious" while they destroy the environment with mass production. They routinely exploit their workers in third-world countries and it is no different in Canada. Shifts are often intentionally set at just under 5 hours to ensure employees are not given a break, and taking breaks outside of your lunch is not only discouraged but even punishable. Hours aren't any better, as you rarely get scheduled for a conventional shift or 8-hour ones. The one redeeming quality about H&M is your fellow sales advisors. You struggle, but at least you struggle together. There are certainly some interesting characters you'll meet and friends you might make along the way. Who knew purgatory could bring so many people together?

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Points négatifs

Absolutely None
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Terrible management! the only good thing, was the sale advisors I worked with

I just wanna say...management in Metrotown H&M sucks. I dont know how many times they have given me so much stress when I call in sick when I AM ACTUALLY SICK. All they have been to me, was negative. I was always trying my best, I did my job very well. My managers just did not care about all the hard work I was doing as well as my other coworkers. Even if you suddenly don't feel well, they would just not care about it. So many of my coworkers feel the same. Honestly, working here was horrible. The only great thing was my fellow coworkers. We bonded so well and even though we had horrible management. We all struggled together and those long shifts really made it a little bearable. If the management was replaced with respectable people, then I would enjoy working there :)

Points positifs

great coworkers

Points négatifs

horrible management
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great job for students but don't expect a raise

This job is extremely fast paced, customers can be extremely rude, management does not do enough to make sure their employees feel respected. The hardest part of the job is 100% how crazy it gets on busy days, be prepared to be on the till for 4 hours straight on holidays. The best part is how close you get with your coworkers, it's what keeps you going on those terrible days. Hours are super flexible. Post-covid though, they usually only schedule people for 4 hour shifts, which can be good for students, bad if you're trying to make ends meet. Worked here for almost 2 years and haven't gotten a raise because of how insane head office is. Only work here if ur desperate, or just in need of experience.

Points positifs

free food on holidays, 60 dollar gift card at christmas

Points négatifs

head office, customers treat you like you are a servant
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Lack of Resources

The company is very cheap so you will get the short end of the stick here no matter what position you are in. I’ve seen store managers going through unfair treatment. Sales Advisors are often not having enough hours or being overworked when they are at the store. Lack of proper training, and questionable upper management. The discount is average and there are perks occasionally, but I would try looking somewhere else if you can. They do not appreciate you nor do they care for you as family like they say. I’m disappointed to say that the coworkers was the best part of a job. I feel like I should have learned more skills.

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Points négatifs

Upper management, Lack of Resources (Time, Money, People)
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Poor management, nice coworkers, high turnover

A reputable company with a great vision about sustainability and customer service. But actual store falls short of this vision. Hires tons of part-timers but somehow you mostly never get back up when there’s a line of customers and you’re the only one on cash/in the fitting room. Communication between management is poor: one person says A, another says B. Typical retail but a lot of work for minimal wage.

Points positifs

Nice coworkers, fairly friendly customers

Points négatifs

Poor communication, overworked, high turnover
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A typical day at work would be managers pointing and treating you as a child when they want to throw their work on you. Managers treat employees like slaves, write ups are given as an excuse for managers when they are not fond of you. Minimum wage job that gives you a raise based on perforance every year, which managers deny once the year arrives. Staff is mistreated and used to do tedious tasks managers dont want to do.

Points positifs

nice coworkers

Points négatifs

cut hours, low wages, unfair treatment towards employees
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managers are not efficient, staff must make up

terrible management, full time staff work any time during the week, they do not have regular hours. part time staff are not motivated/underpaid so full time and some lower managers have to work extra, communication is awful on staff-manager level
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Fun and high pace environment

Fun place to work High pace environment A lot of cleaning and helping out customers Rotated you, helped you not get bored at work Co-workers are fun and helpful
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Its a nice environment to work at. Supportive management team. Good hours, good location. Great learning experience.
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Typical Retail Environment

H&M is a typical clothing retailer. They have the same benefits and goals that most other global clothing retailers have. Customer Service is a hard industry to be in for a long period of time. A retail customer is a hard person to please.

Points positifs

Employee Discount

Points négatifs

Long hours standing
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