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Le travail etait bien avec les collègue mais ca lancais limite des avertissements de renvois pour faire des memebres.
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As good as retail gets

The store I worked at was fun, diverse, and accepting of people of all walks of life. The company ensured you had access to training videos and manuals upon hire and whenever you felt like you needed a refresher. The company is very forward thinking and pays fairly for the role you're in. You get benefits after 90 days, even if you are part time. Within the company, there is definite room for advancement if you're willing to relocate. However, at my store, options to advance were limited due to management being very satisfied with their positions. I only left because I needed to make more money. I'd return immediately if a management position opened up.

Points positifs

Benefits for everyone, paid 15 minute breaks, progressive company

Points négatifs

Limited hours for part time employees
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Really fun depending on your team lead

One of my friends had a really bad team lead who criticized everything they did. Fortunately, that wasn't my experience. I had an amazing team leader but then she had to quit and my new team lead never checked up on me, didn't make the meetings very homey and I spent most of my time working, working, working at a point in time where customers got really entitled about a year after the lockdown. Eventually I had to quit but now that I've worked other jobs, I miss this job a lot.

Points positifs

really fun break room, a sink for dishes, lots of downtime, they care about work/life balance

Points négatifs

breaks could be longer
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Rätt bra än så länge

Jag började slutet av sommaren som bara säljare men några månader blev man ambassadör och några månader senare efter ca 10 månader blev resurs/cor. Läst och hört att det skulle vara svår att få heltidsjobb att man behövde typ väntat i 3 år men tror mer på rätt tillfälle och visa sitt engagemang så kan man lyckas. Min kollegor är helt underbar mot mig iallafall, alla jobbar gemensamt och har bra kommunikation även tjejer kan ibland prata om varandra ibland kanske men inget man själv har lagt märke till. Rekommenderar att skilja ifrån arbetslivet och privatliv om man ska umgås men jag har inte haft nått problem. Du har gratis telefonstöd, personal tävling osv.Rekommenderas att komma och jobba hos oss i Stenungsund :)

Points positifs

Personal rabatt, telefonstöd, kollegor, personal tävlingar, utveckling, förtur till exklusive förmåner, friskvård 3000kr

Points négatifs

Lön kunde vara bättre men ok, 30h/w är det högsta jag har dock hade velat mer men det har skärt ned sen de omorganiserat
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Buen ambiente

era una empresa bien organizada, creo que es un punto a destacar
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Just ok nothing else nothing more. Very basic and very demanding. Customers are awful. Blaming part time staff for size 16 ppl trying to fit into size 8
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Ambito lavorativo piacevole e paga buona

Io mi sono trovata abbastanza bene nel negozio in cui sono stata assunta. Il personale molto cordiale e sempre pronto ad aiutarti e consigliare.Manger molto gentili e organizzati.Il lavoro è un po' stancante, però non risulta così pensante essendo che fanno fare almeno 2 pause.Paga più che buona!
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Opportunity to Grow but the Place Needs Improvement

Good hours, great people, and opportunity to grow. Place needs improvement in communication, organization, and training. Enjoyed being part of the H&M team.
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Efficient and Fun workspace

good entry level role to develop customer service skills and see an efficiently ran business. The time working can always be enjoyed by having a positive attitude and being friendly with coworkers and customers.
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Treat you like a machine

Want you to work like a machine, hated it. Would never recommend. Good food at canteen, but horrible management. Go at your own risk, best of luck
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Worst company I’ve ever worked for

This is by far the worst company I have ever worked for. The management is so horrible, there are no values.. and you will not make or meet friends. Highly toxic environment. Would never recommend anyone to work for H&M because they do not live up to their company standard and so called values. Looking to grow in a company? Well this is definitely not the place! 0 stars if we’re an option!

Points positifs

No pros

Points négatifs

Everything about this company screams corporate greed
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Pretty easy job and fair pay

Pretty easy job, the management was fair too. As long as you come in on time and do the easy work, they’ll respect you and return the favor when needed
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Even it was supposed to be just a summer job I feel welcome and stay longer then expected simple because of my co worker being just great people to work with but one by one they left as I following due of management being to overbearing.
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Mauvaise personne expérience

Recrutement des gens en proposant un CDI au finale pour arrêter la période d’essais sans aucune raison valable avec des justifications vraiment bâclées. Vraiment une mauvaise expérience pour moi il recrute juste parce que ils ont besoin sur le coup.

Points positifs

Titre restaurant

Points négatifs

Pas d’humanité
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Not bad for a summer job for students

This was my first experience with working in retail after working in food service for so long. Job mostly consisted of fitting room, putting clothes back to sales floor, and occasionally cashier depending on how busy the store is that day. However, had to quit after a month to go back to school.
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Professional and inclusive work culture

I joined H&M in 2022 and it was my first job. I had no prior experience and definitely none in retail but the hiring team considered me on the basis if my skills and made a fair judgment. After I started working every one was ready to help and share there knowledge. The work culture including the 7 values is really good. I had learnt alot while working there and am grateful that I got a chance to work in this amazing company.
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à fuir

aucune valeur humaine, les responsables présents sont imbus de leurs personnes et n'ont aucune autre identité que H&M donc aucune valeur d'entreprise.
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Great place to work

A typical day at work was fast paced I learned a lot management was fair workplace culture was good the hardest part was away from family the most enjoyable was the discount
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It's cool

There are cool people there and management is cool. They cool about the hours too and when you can actually show up. I would go back to this job maybe.
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Understaff but supportive co-workers

Co-workers and managers are easy going. The training period really prepare you well for work.I love working there but times get stressful around 6:00pm. The store is constantly understaff tho.
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ok for a short while

As any other service related corporate job - lifeless, fast paced, monotonous with mediocre pay. Wishing everyone who works in places like this to find their real calling.
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