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Les clients sont souvent très désagréables et impatients. La direction peut te rajouter des heures sans que tu l'ai demandé... Il y a des fois tant de vêtements à placer que tu peux rester dans le magasin assez tard.
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Management makes or breaks it

Management at my location were not team leaders and instead just bossed you around, they took out their bad days on us and hurt the morale of the sales associate at my location. They also hovered over you and micro-managed everything you did.
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Fun workplace, great coleagues

Overall it was nice, management was not that good but cant say they were worse. Its nice if you want a part time job to have some money and you also learn a lot of things
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Not the best, but not the worst workplace

Days can be extremely fast paced or slow depending on time of the year. Management is okay. Days feel repetitive but you do have a variety of positions to work in throughout the day. You’re watched on how many member scans you get from customers and the percentage they want always gets higher and higher. Having a good relationship with your coworkers will make a huge difference with your work day. No room for raises or advancement in the company. Employees who are liked most by management are favoured to do side tasks while the rest don’t get to do so.
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over worked and over stressed

a typical day at a high volume h&m consists of placing clothes, dealing with rude and entitled customers all while trying to sell more clothing items and keep the place clean while not loosing ur mind. the h&m i worked at was understaffed and horribly managed, the manager acted nice but was very too faced, which you see a lot of in retail. often had to stay late and if you missed your designated break times, then screw you.

Points positifs

15% discount

Points négatifs

bad management, rude co workers
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Good place to work

It was good! Can improve on a lot of things. My time was short. I was a part time employee so it was not everyday shifts. It is good to earn extra during school.
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It was fun with my coworkers! Flexible especially if you’re in school

Flexible schedule while you’re in schoolManagement was ok, a bit frustrating at timesAmazing coworkersGood work life balance (if you’re part time) Hard to advance
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Great place to work!!

FLEXIBLE WITH GREAT MANAGERS. Great for students. Wonderful work culture. Hardest part of job is dealing with some rude customers. Most enjoyable part is the staff discounts and relationships you will build
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Good organization

The managers really seemed to care about the workers and our well being. But overall organization from all managers was good. I did question however the hiring methods and I feel alot of good canidates were missed based on superficial things.
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Straightforward Tasks but Bad Company Culture

Tasks are rather straightforward, sometimes redundant and repetitive, however, the company incorporates job rotation which, although can be exhausting, at least it's straightforward. Aside from management, company culture is awful and employees backbite each other all the time. If Company culture was improved, this would easily be a 4-5 star experience.
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Fun team, poor appreciation from management

staff was fun people to work with but the work that managers would give you was very tiring for minimum salary.
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Great place to work at

H&m is a great place to work at if you’re a student and are looking for something flexible. The staff & management are al extremely welcoming and willing to accommodate to your schedule. I’ve had a great time collaborating with team members as they’re all cooperative and have positive mindset.

Points positifs

Flexible Schedule, employee discount

Points négatifs

Short hours
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good jobs for students

They are good people except for some DMs all over good experience. If you are studying and want a job then it's good otherwise most of the time no more than 12 hours in a week.
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Great retail job!

This was definitely the best retail job I’ve worked. Nice staff, reasonable with accommodations, plus great discount. They’re also quite flexible with students schedules when you’re in school.
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Fashion forward company that believes in people

What is the best part of working at the company?The training provided over 15 years helped me develop a incomparable skill set that can be applied in many other areas What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Dealing with customers and deadlines What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Rewarding and competitive among other managers. The late hours for retail makes it hard to have work life balance What is a typical day like for you at the company?As a visual it started early to set up departments prior to the store opening, then a break, then pre-planning and picking the items for the next days move. When needed we support the needs of the store and department
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Nice environment

Good place for part time, management was good, shift were flexible, colleagues were good but it get really hectic as the store is always busy. Hours were limited
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Negative Environment for Mental Health

Stores are VERY cut throat especially between Merchandisers and Department Managers. Merchandisers are considered Managers but dont actually perform any management duties. Alot of back stabbing, and quite fake. Area Managers are really nice and enjoyed their visits. Managers from head office treat you like you are not worth their time speaking to but always follow up with an email of complaints, instead of discussing with your directly.Best part hands down is the Sales Assistants, loved working with them, being their manager and have fun closing with them!

Points positifs

Pizza lunches sometimes
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Work place

I like the work at h&m its just people are little toxic and they act like they are in highschool management need to grow up and make better decisions we have seen the world too and need to respect personal space and personal life
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Fun but also demanding workplace. Low pay

Long hours, minimum pay wage. Fun because of the people you are working with but work could be very demanding. Not a lot of opportunities for growth too.
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Really fun

The managers are amazing and everyone will treat you right. They are so helpful at the beginning during training and you never stop having fun with these ppl.
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Some pros and cons

Typical retail setting, with many different personalities in management. Because I don’t have kids, I was constantly assigned the weekends and night shifts and they even tried to move me to a different store to accommodate someone with kids, so I would’ve had to travel far away just because of my life choices. They promise promotions but you never get them even after you go above and beyond. I will say, their HR training courses are great and think every company should do something like them. They really teach you about yourself as a person and your management style. I learned things that I still carry with me today. Not the worst retail company by any means, there is always room for improvement at any company.
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