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Emplois : H&M (Scarborough, ON et environs)

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Health and Safety Responsible, CA

Toronto, ON

il y a 27 jours

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H&M Sales Associate

Toronto, ON

il y a 30+ jours

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Senior Accountant

Toronto, ON

il y a 4 jours

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Visual Merchandiser

Toronto, ON

il y a 16 jours

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Commerce et vente

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Avis des employés pour H&M (Scarborough, ON)

Sales Advisor (Scarborough, ON)
le 2 septembre 2022
Co-workers make it fun, but it is still quite demanding
In this position, you will learn how to maintain a clean store, assist customers in locating items/giving personal opinions on items, get new products onto the floor, and work with a P.O.S. system.Most of the staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming, and they help make being overscheduled/long shifts a bit more bearable. Aside from the relationships that you can make with your colleagues, the...
Sales Advisor (Scarborough, ON)
le 5 août 2023
Horribly toxic culture regarding overtime.
The job itself is honestly meh, it's retail. nothing special about it. however, due to how the job is organized, the work is so overbearing with no real end in sight.I was a part-time sales advisor yet the overtime I had to do during closing almost had me hit full-time hours, which we were conveniently cut off from before we hit.I often ended up having to rush to the station to go home due to i...
Sales Advisor (Scarborough, ON)
le 15 mai 2022
Fast paced but great co-workers
Very fast paced work environment. Expect non-stop flow of customers that brings big mess. Lots of patience is needed as a sale associate. Had a great time with co-workers that what makes it the best.
Sales Associate (Scarborough, Ontario )
le 14 avril 2022
Good first part time job
its a good first time job but management isn't the greatest. It varies from different locations. The store can be overwhelming and being retail its a very unsteady work schedule where some weeks you get hours and other weeks not so much.
Management (Scarborough, ON)
le 9 décembre 2019
Mentally abusive place to work
Worked at H&M for a year and it was probably one of the worst jobs I have ever had. The management team is all cliquey and everyone who isn’t part of their circle gets screwed over. I.E. SM was married to his boss. Unprofessional, unhealthy, and terrible work environment.

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