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Avis des employés pour H&M (Edmonton, AB)

Cashier/Sales Associate (Edmonton, AB)
le 2 août 2022
Good first job
Its a great place to work when youre just starting out and there is a lot of room for growth. It just wasnt for me. Personally at the londonderry location, which is where I worked, management was very bad.
Department Manager (Edmonton, AB)
le 25 juin 2022
Fell out of love with the job
I loved the job and the people I worked with. The salary was nice, almost enough to live by (before inflation) and I initially felt proud working there however, after a while, I just felt overworked, constantly stressed, and under-appreciated. There was not much work-life balance and I was severely underpaid for my abilities and skills. The company also preaches staff retention and how it is important but it felt as if it was only towards some specific people and not as a collective. Upper management also showed a lot of favouritism towards certain individuals that the “expectations and values” of the company didn’t apply to them as they are able to make decisions and bend the rules to help themselves.
Part Time Sales Advisor (Edmonton, AB)
le 14 juin 2022
not bad
co-workers were great and some managers. most of the managers and visual managers were rude and expected you to do their job without bonus pay. never had holidays off so be prepared to be scheduled
Sales Associate (Edmonton, AB)
le 22 mars 2022
Used to love it, now I don’t :(
I started working with H&M in 2019 before we pushed membership recruitment. The only thing stressful at that time was cleaning, running garments (especially on busy days) and good ol’ customers. The people I worked with were always nice and most managers too! I liked working….that was till they began SOR. Which is Membership recruitment at cash. Everyday of every hour there is a constant need to recruit members for loyalty and we cannot be under at certain percentage (and this varies from store to store) This is what stressed me and a lot of my coworkers out :( I wish I could have decent convos with customer without the fear of not getting them to sign up. TL;DRH&M’s values and workplace is nice! Great values and I always have fun with my coworkers. There’s also lots of engagement. But if you love the challenge of membership recruitment every shift on the floor, while also worrying about the crazy amounts of clothes running and cleaning all for minimum wage :’) be my guest! I feel like these are things H&M should work on more, otherwise lots of workers will end up leaving. If it weren’t for my friends at work I probably would have left earlier.
Sales Associate (Edmonton, AB)
le 16 août 2021
it’s an ok place to work.
if you don’t “fit in” with the staff who have been there longer, they make you feel like you don’t belong and aren’t welcoming. hours suck unless you work there in december, they give priority hours to anyone who’s been there the longest even if they’re part time staff.

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