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Avis des employés pour H&M (Calgary, AB)

Sales (Calgary, AB)
le 10 février 2022
A fun environment if it's your first job.
Friendly staff but there is a rotation of management so don't get too comfortable. They push Hello Member every hour of every day; even though you don't make a commission off of it.
Sales Associate (Calgary, AB)
le 9 septembre 2022
Terrible place
Management is very rude to the staff. There is no room for advancement in the pay. Many changes in management and very very unstable work environment
Sales Advisor (Calgary, AB)
le 21 janvier 2022
Great part time work although not very friendly staff
It was a great place to work at the start but, the staff was not friendly at all especially for a new person. Not a lot of communication within the company and the managers did not help out and take the time to walk you through detailed things about the cash till. They did however take the time to go through and train on other areas in the company
Department Supervisor (Calgary, AB)
le 4 avril 2021
No room for advancement
This is a great place to work if you’re looking for a part time student job that pays minimum wage and enjoys call in shifts (like on call shifts but you have to call them 2 hours before your shift to see if you’re working or not, these shifts are common place and will be most of your shifts). Area team will promise promotions and dangle them in front of you for years, asking you to change locations, do manager work without a pay increase and overall treat you like garbage. Management is nice but not very helpful when it comes to problems with customers as they change the rules of the business based on how they feel like responding that day. I also would be extremely cautious working here during covid even with 15% occupancy rules during covid we were supposed to have up to 115 people in the store, not including staff. I don’t believe they have their staffs best interest at heart, they do give you 3 hours paid off on your birthday but the trade off is garbage pay that only goes up about 10 cents a year if you have great performance results.
Store Manager (Calgary)
le 29 janvier 2021
Fast paced with high expectations and low pay for staff
Management make good money, but overall the company is headed down hill. Not focused on safety of the staff with covid. They have cut hours to the point where you don't have enough coverage for the customers and to keep the business running. Head office is trying to save on salary costs by finding ways to cut the senior management and re hire for a lower salary. Not much support from the area team to help with any situation they just let you flounder and write anybody up that acts up

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