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I think H&M is already an excellent space to work
Réponse du 16 août 2019
Please make a stock traking system that reflects current stocks. And upgrade your cash machine system so that we can work more effiently and smoothly without malfunction. But always thank you for all of supports from you.
Réponse du 16 août 2019
check products, emails etc
Réponse du 29 juillet 2019
directly to the concerned staff
Réponse du 13 mars 2019
Il faut savoir ranger les vêtements dans l’ordre, par catégorie et c’est assez compliqué a retenir cette ordre
Réponse du 6 mars 2019
Do you give every body an opportunity
Posée le 28 novembre 2018
Lots of opportunity to grow but be careful because no one is your friend.
Réponse du 28 novembre 2018
It was my first ever job interview and I felt really calm and confident, surprisingly! Getting to be in a group interview of 7 was definitely nerve wracking to speak, but hearing other candidates was a pro of the group interview. Their answers really inspired me with my own answers as well.
Réponse du 9 novembre 2018
Bring a doctors note if you are sick more than 1 day in a row or you will be written up. (cost WONT be covered. Around 30$ at walk in). However sometimes they ask you to bring one in and then never check for it making it a waste of time.
Réponse du 4 novembre 2018
What your store worke in employer?
Posée le 25 octobre 2018
bad and unprofessional managers
Réponse du 25 octobre 2018
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