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after 3 years
Réponse du 8 novembre 2022
Some roles at H&M, like customer service and sales, usually need people to work in the store. But due to COVID-19, some jobs that handle office tasks might be done from home for safety. These jobs could include things like customer service over the phone or online, administrative work, marketing on social media, IT support, human resources tasks, or finance and accounting duties. However, the availability of these remote jobs can depend on H&M’s specific rules during the pandemic. It’s best to check with H&M directly or look at their job listings to see if there are any remote opportunities available.
Réponse du 10 mai 2022
About 29 hours a week
Réponse du 12 avril 2022
Yes, the turnover rate is high
Réponse du 14 novembre 2021
No it isn’t
Réponse du 15 juillet 2021
No french is not mandatory
Réponse du 23 mai 2021
By applying on indeed
Réponse du 23 janvier 2021
Pay weekly or bi week
Posée le 2 novembre 2020
Salary is paid on a bi weekly basis. The rate is at minimum wage
Réponse du 2 novembre 2020
8h à 12h12h à 21h17h à 21h
Réponse du 1 septembre 2020
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