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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez H&M?

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  • Give thanks and more praise for working hard to achieve store results. Visit stores more often and give at least 3 strengths and 3 opportunities. Support your teams when they need it !! Take away top 40 days and make it top 10 days.
    Don’t send 20 emails a day

  • Be more strict with the hiring process (hiring experienced people created a better team). Always be friendly and supportive.

  • Manager need to give employees hours and they need to stop hiring more people while the loyal ones who have been working with them for 6+ months are left begging for more hours. A lot of time i see people leaving within 2 months of working with us just because of the hours. I hate seeing that because H&M is a great work place.

  • Stop hiring externally.

  • Nothing they are awesome

  • If staff would be able to bond more to enjoy their time in the store. If management would provide a clear ladder for career growth or learning potentials.

  • Motivate and inspire, stop hovering over employee's who have been working hard and are good at what they do - they can manage themselves. Get with the times, cutting back hours and never giving a raise is preposterous. No wonder there's a revolving door! Get rid of the lazy people and reward the hard workers!!!!

  • Give out more shifts to more employees
    i am currently getting 8 hours a week on an open schedule of 20 hours

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