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    Helena Helmersson
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    plus de 10 000
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    plus de 10 milliards de dollars (USD)
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    Vente au détail et en gros


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Commerce et vente

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Associée aux ventes (Rosemère, QC)
le 6 juin 2020
bonne job étudiante
il y a bonne flexibilité d'heures pour un étudiant. Doit savoir travailler rapidement.
Sales Associate (Pickering, ON)
le 25 juillet 2021
Call back was by “Seniority” but most older staff did not get called back until the newer staff did. Have people “training” others but are not qualified or trained themselves to do it. Main Store manager, has favourites & you can see the divide between people. Otherwise the job is straightforward, but expect to do ALOT more for minimum wage.
Conseiller aux ventes (Trois-Rivières, QC)
le 25 juin 2021
Environnement de travail productif
C’est une très belle entreprise pour débuter une carrière.
Sales Associate (Pointe-Claire, QC)
le 2 juin 2021
Awful Experience Overall
Where do I begin? It was a terrible experience in general. The interview process was quite simple, but off putting due to the unprofessionalism of the department managers, such as inappropriate vocabulary, criticizing one's personal life, setting up an incredibly late start date, pressuring you into quitting your old job, and disapproving of peoples availabilities- pressuring you to take more hours than what you may be capable of handling. If you have a friend that works at the store you plan on applying to, don't bother, they won't consider you as a possible candidate or fire you soon after hiring you. The management was incredibly disorganized with online training and with preparing name tags and the employee card. They were very judgmental and scrutinized everything you did- so much for "we are one team", right? Teammates are meant to help one another and give each other tips on how to perform well, however, they don't tell you whether if you are doing something wrong, and continuously give you praise for the work you do, but then suddenly let you go an hour before your shift begins. If you were to briefly converse with your fellow associates on your first day of training in order to get to know them, your time at H&M will be short-lived, given how they don't want NEW associates to socialize with one another whatsoever when on the floor, but are fine with older employees when it comes to hugging, excessive conversations, and laziness, such as leaving tables messy and ignoring garments that have fallen on the floor. Another thing, at the specific store I was working at, there was a lack of following COVID guidelines as the managers were in close proximity to one another in their offices WITHOUT masks on. Social distancing was clearly not respected, even by employees who should've known better after a year in a pandemic, but management sets a negative example for associates to follow. Department and store managers did not provide gloves or goggles, and I did not once see a mask in the employee break room. Management also had a bad habit of talking behind other employees backs TO OTHER EMPLOYEES, which cultivates an unhealthy and very unpleasant environment to work in, making one paranoid as to what the managers were unknowingly saying about them. Moving on, the associates are no better, they trash talk even former employees, especially those who hadn't been hired long; this one time, I had witnessed two associates bickering about one girl who'd only stayed for about a month, and they said "I knew she wouldn't survive here". Just shows the competitive and catty environment cultivated at H&M, and how they do not adhere to the 7 values that this company strives to embody. Speaking of values, at my specific location, employees and management treated the 7 values as a complete joke, and, as mentioned before, did not live up to the standard. Department managers also viewed training associates in unfamiliar departments as a "waste of time". Finally, going back to the interview process, managers had a tendency to dance around some questions and never answered them directly. Answers were normally "it depends". Do they not know the needs of the store they work at and the hours that they would ask for from a potential employee? One last thing, H&M is completely hypocritical, almost to the point where it's funny: Saying you can BE YOURSELF, but when you do try to be yourself in this work environment, you are swiftly criticized and fired.TLDR: Rude, unorganized management setting a bad example for employees to act the same way. You're a fast fashion clothing store hiding behind the guise of values and sustainability (have you seen the huge amount of jeans they have in their stores?), but will never live up to them. Know your place, and treat people with respect and decency.
Sales (Laval, QC)
le 1 juin 2021
Liked the people, liked the company, not the job
Being a retail employee is rough, and is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Unless you have a degree in business and seeking management roles, there is no path for you to advance from the first level sales person. Basic student job but as soon as you can, you should get something better.

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Je n’ai pas passer d’entretien pour entrer dans les équipes de cette entreprise. J’ai étais en agence intérim RAS pour y travailler, mais je n’y suis pas resté longtemps parce qu’il prennent toujours les mêmes intérimaires

Publié le 26 février 2020
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