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3,9Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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bonne entreprise, j'ai apprécier mes 18 ans dans cet entreprise
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Really innovative and management who gives a f*!k

Their team is an interesting collection of self learners and higher level education, which bring diversity in my opinion, that is needed when you make big decisions. I learned that management results being driven by KPI's are not there to hurt me but to help guide my efforts in the right place. When management realized half my time was spent on tickets that could be better automated, they were able to free my time to work on other areas including my certifications to grow my knowledge. The hardest part of the job was definitely working with some customers, but management made decisions to let some customers go that have been disrespectful. The thing I enjoy the most is that no one firewalls anyone, everyone is eager to help their co-worker achieve a higher level, never seen that before, it's usually dog eat dog.

Points positifs

Lots team building events

Points négatifs

Sometimes challenging customers
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  • Absence de stress

Callaborative & dynamic employer

It is a very supportive work environement. They want you to succeed (will provide you whatever tools/training you need to get the job done), no micromanaging so long as you do your work & meet your goals. Flexible hours (can work hybrid-mode).Fun work place culture, nice work environement.

Points positifs

Flexible, fun & growth oriented.

Points négatifs

Not everything is streamlined yet.
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Le niveau de maturité du cadre de gestion est très modeste. Un modèle de gestion formel déprécié. Aucun alignement avec le marché actuel. Très mauvaise gestion des resources humaines et absence quasi-total des plans de développement de compétences. Modèle de gestion orienté uniquement sur les résultats et négligence totale de l’aspect humain.

Points négatifs

Modèle de gestion orienté uniquement sur les résultats.
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Pleasant work environment, various opportunities for advancement

Great colleagues to work with, management allows you to do what needs to be done, encourages certification exams and career growth.

Points positifs

Great work environment, opportunities for advancement

Points négatifs

Somewhat flexible schedule
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Fast paced but excellent for career development

I worked for multiple MSPs and Groupe Access has exceeded my expectations as well as my families.Management has the type of culture oriented towards your well being that I’ve never seen before. They also provide the tools and support you require whenever you need it. During difficult times affecting us all they showed care and empathy. Work is fast paced. Pressure is always on but that’s the life of an MSP employee. Pay is great. The teams is incredible. They are all passionate about their work and they all support one another whenever possible.Proud to be a member of this company.

Points positifs

Team work, management attitude
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fun, family organization, close interaction

One of the best companies that as an employee I wish I started working for them at a younger person I am planning on retirering there as long as they will keep me
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worst place I worked in

Bad work environment Not enough projects to work on Sales team don’t have all the info about the projects. We have to do their job and start asking the client directly. That make client angry since they gave out that information already. Happened to me many times. Management is the worse. The processes are not clear. You cannot even submit your time sheet as they don’t have an application for that. Plus, they didn’t pay me for OT. I had to take it as time off. A lot of employee’s turnover. Nobody stays there. Plus, they are losing a lot of clients.
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Réponse officielle de GroupeAccess

27 août 2021
We have a ticketing system in place since 8 years with a timesheet portion integrated into our CRM platform.We are below the 5% threshold in IT-Tech turnover rate, over the last 5 years . We are constantly hiring Technicians due to the growth in Business.thank you

Environnement de travail productif et agréable

Optimisation WAN, Compression des paquets (LZO, LZ4) Compression des entêtes (ROHC, LZ4hc) Administration réseaux, Configuration des VPN (OpenVPN, IPSEC, GRE), Configuration WIFI, Configuration Squid, Configuration des machines virtuelles (VMware), Gestion des certificats, Gestion des utilisateurs (LDAP, Active Directory) Configuration des interfaces (Secondary IP, Vlan, 3G/4G) Répartition de charge (Load Balancing) Répartition de charge niveau 4 (LVS) Répartition de charge niveau 7 (HAProxy) Programmation Bash, Programmation Python.

Points positifs

Ambiance parfaite pour travailler

Points négatifs

assurance de maladie
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Réponse officielle de GroupeAccess

25 juillet 2019
Nous avons maintenant une assurance collective et un programme de REER pour les employés!

Great wrokplace with great people

This is a great place to get alot of exposure to many clients and types of situations. It is an environment where you have to learn fast and be adaptable. It is also an environment with low pay and high expectations. Pay is a trade off for experience.

Points positifs

Will help pay for certain certificates, medical plan

Points négatifs

Unstable work environment
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Fast paced work enviorment

Travelling from one client to another providing on site support. As well as working on projects. Company is growing. And there is opportunity for those who are bilingual, willing to work as a team, and continually willing to earning.
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Very good, fast-paced environment

An excellent place to get a very large pool of experience in a short amount of time. Continous learning and groth are needed as no 2 days are the same.
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