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If dispatch like you they’ll favorite you. You’ll to work 60-70 hrs a week. prepare to be counselled and held accountable for everything no matter what say nothing
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Worst job ever

The actual job of taxi driver is pretty simple. But every thing else about it is a nightmare. Demands 12 hour days monday to saturday. Wants every car in the fleet on duty making getting a fare about an hour apart and usually for about $10 or $15 dollar runs. And you get 35% of that.
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Very low income

Had to work 12 hours to make about 70.0 It was very poorly run and none of the cab drivers were very happy. Long hours lie pay and treated like garbage
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Less than minimum wage, far too many hours.

Shifts are 12 hrs long and if you let them bully you into working 7 days a week you would still make less than minimum wage. A burger flipper would work less hours and make more money. Always too many drivers on and the dispatchers (some not all) play favorites. Evenings are filled with drunks, drug addicts, and people who can't or won't pay. Day time is filled with old people who are usually grumpy and complain about the cost of a taxi ride. Rough environment to work in. The company takes 65% off the top, plus $5 for rent of the cab, plus $1 for every $50 you collect. Don't forget as an "independent contractor" for this company you have to pay the government the HST you collected of the remaining 35%. Good luck.

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You get to see the underbelly of Sarnia

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You basically work for free
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Poorly Run Company

Dispatchers play favourites, long time staff are bullies. Owner does not care about drivers and often not truthful. Pay extremely low. Lonnng hours. Waaay to many drivers on. Expect to make half of minimim wage. Vehicles are old and unreliable. Lack of employment standards

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Long hours, low low pay, harrassment by drivers
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Badly run

They play favorites with commissions and owner doesn't care if people have a fair chance to make a living. Also not honest with drivers as to how many are gonna be on nor honest about how busy likely to be.
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Fun workplace

Good people..just no advancement or benifits. .no paid overtime. .no set salary..only commission. .long hours and no hourly rate..been good to me, but time for a change.

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Self employed

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I would drive people to were they want to go i learn how to work with the public the only management i was the owner and he was for the most part good to work for hardest part of the job was dealing with people who had a little to me to drink
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Fast Paced exciting work

enjoyable work place environment with multitasking and many chances of learning new things. Learning new streets and new places the drivers attend
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