Salaires pour Production et fabrication chez GRAND RIVER FOODS, Canada

Le salaire estimé provient de 47 employés, utilisateurs et emplois actuels ou publiés sur Indeed depuis les 36 derniers mois.
Production et fabricationSalaire moyenRépartition des salaires
13 salaires bruts partagés
14,97 $ par heure
  • Le plus reporté
10,15 $
25,25 $
5 salaires bruts partagés
19,77 $ par heure
10,15 $
25,25 $
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Ce que les professionnels pensent de leur expérience chez GRAND RIVER FOODS

  • This job was a good challenge.

    This job was challenging and definitely had a learning curve to it. Management was not very leanient when it came to job quality for there was a government inspection add the completion of your job duties.
    Sanitation Worker (Ancien employé)
    Cambridge, ON - 18 février 2020
  • good people

    like my job just didn't like that shifts were selected at the end of every shift for the next day so you couldn't plan anything for before or after . it made my appointment setting difficult
    Packer/Line Worker (Ancien employé)
    Cambridge, ON - 12 février 2020
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