Government of the Northwest Territories
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Salaires annuels pour le poste : Manager chez Government of the Northwest Territories - Canada

Intitulé du poste
Salaire moyen
101 627 $ par an
85 %
au-dessus de la moyenne nationale
Moyenne 101 627 $
Faible 49 000 $
Élevée 172 000 $

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Avis sur Salaire et avantages pour le poste : Manager chez Government of the Northwest Territories

Toxic workplace environment. Culture of entitlement.

I lived in the Arctic and had the privilege of working with some of the most entitled and inept people on the planet. Even before arriving in the far north warning flags were waiving frantically when, not 15 minutes after I signed the job offer and faxed it in, I received a phone call from HR saying they could not give me the job because I wasn't from a local Indigenous group (P1). This, after resigning from my old job and selling my house. After sorting that out and finally arriving up north my supervisor constantly belittled me for being a "southerner" and not knowing anything. I was asked repeatedly "how did you ever get this job?" I received phone calls from other regions saying that I was not wanted there. Over time this belligerence spilled over to my family as colleagues uttered veiled threats to myself and my spouse. HR did nothing to correct this behaviour and often made things worse. My supervisor laughed when he was informed and walked away. No disciplinary action for bad behaviour; employees who couldn’t do their job are "accommodated" by being given lighter duties or moved to a job of equal or greater pay. Cronyism and ethnic nepotism. I needed a university degree and several years of experience to qualify for my job while those with P1 status are often Direct Appointed without a formal competition, interview, criminal record check or even a high school education. The Region has a 70% non-attendance rate at the high school level and yet we were expected to hire locally for top government jobs. And the problem with being given these well-paying positions - 

Points positifs

Salaries were 2 to 3 times the amount for same job in the south.

Points négatifs

Please see my review.
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Le salaire moyen annuels chez Government of the Northwest Territories pour le poste Manager - Canada est d'environ 101 627 $, ce qui est 85 % au dessus de la moyenne nationale.

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