Government of the Northwest Territories
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Managed multi Divisions that offered services to the public and other government departments within the region and offered considerable job satisfaction.
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Good workplace, good benefits, good salary

The GNWT is a good place to work. Yellowknife is a nice city, although the remoteness is not for everyone. I recommended the GNWT as a place to work. The benefits are generous.

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It used to be that one of the benefits of being a government lawyer, despite lower pay, was no docketing. Well, not sure about all GNWT lawyers, but my group now has to docket every minute of the day. It's torture and I don't recommend working here. Big Brother is monitoring your every move.

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good vacation

Points négatifs

docketing every minute of the day
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Excellent work environment

Worked in sahtu region for health and social services at nursing station - work place environment was excellent and a great experience overall with clean facilities, access ton tech supported health care like digital X-ray, organized work place and knowledgeable support staff. I found the community and its members very friendly and engaging.
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I was very pleased while working for GNWT

Great place to work, good salary and benefits, great team and the immediate supervisor I worked with. The only disadvantage is the remote location far from major Canadian cities and cold winters in Yellowknife as well as shortage of medical staff. But overall it was a great experience there and if not for my health issues I would continue to work there.

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Great place to work, good salary and benefits

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remote location
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Living in the NWT & Nunavut

Very demanding job, lots of travel, great job if your young and need lots of experience. Must be a bit of a homebody and enjoy indoor activities as Winters are long, dark and cold.

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Excellent job experience

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Not a lot of technical support
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Interview process is largely based on who you know not what you know.

With the current department I’m with it’s hard to get information and training. I’ve been there almost two years, whenever I ask for information I get the run around and no one wants to share what they know. Promotions are given to friends and family of Senior management. It’s a very stressful and frustrating situation.

Points positifs

Salary and benefits

Points négatifs

Training opportunities, getting information required for job, work environment
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Stressful and does not treat everyone equal

Hard to learn from other employees who want to keep the knowledge for their benefit after retirement. Typical day is in the office at a desk. Not very much of the job was enjoyable.
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Great place to work

I enjoyed working at the courthouse and they had an amazing team to work with and I have learned so much about their system and would love to work for them in the future.
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GNWT- education

High employee turnover, day to day activities fairly the same. Management can be very unsupportive and unapproachable. Work environment depends on management and coworkers. Learning from others can be challenging as some employees want to keep their knowledge to themselves them ad
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A good place to work

Hard for non native to seek full time work, cost of living high, isolation, winter road access only, lacking in fracture for sports and you must love winter
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An employer who helps you learn and grow

Friendly staff left, right and center. You learn something new everyday and everyone in the office is friendly and approachable, a place where they are more than happy to help you grow as an individual.
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Good Employment

Working in GNWT was a remarkable experienced we had a rapport towards our health team and our residents by providing quality life .Ensure they are well cared.
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A good employer in my experience.

Working for the GNWT was a positive experience. The work is challenging, but mentally stimulating. There's lots of opportunity for training and advancement. Cons: Cost of living is very high in Northwest Territories and social problems in the NWT can be disheartening.
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Administrative Assistant

I have always demonstrated knowledge of effective administrative support practices and principles to efficiently meet service expectations. I have confidence to perform duties with considerable independent judgement necessary to follow guidelines as well able to maintain a high standard of confidentiality and act tactfully with a positive, cooperative and solution oriented attitude.
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Enjoyed working for this Company

Unfortunately was employed only Casual on short term contracts. Renewed contracts every 5 to 6 months which Saved the company dollars. I never received Job security which is a major disadvantage for employee`s.
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Managers on power trips.

Management are aloof and unable to cooperate with employees to do anything outside of the mandate, As a result an inflexible system of services that only maintain a status quo and lead to a continuation of the same issues and problems. The North will be the same in 20 years as it is now as the band-aid procedures and the cover your butt mentality continues to support those in power. Any new ideas are quickly seen as threatening despite the science behind them For example they still advocate for 12 step addiction treatment.

Points positifs

Pay is good.

Points négatifs

Feels like a police state, they monitor you facebook, control your every action outside and in work.
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Not what it’s cut out to be

Micromanaged, have to request vacation a year in advance, have to call all senior managers until you get an answer if you are sick or cant make it in to work. People who actually work, also do the work for those who are there to just collect a paycheque

Points positifs

Salary and benefits

Points négatifs

Everything else
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Good place to work if you don't have qualifications

In IT your managers and directors will be bar attenders, music Diploma holders. Most of them have no background in IT. If you wanted to start your career this is a good place. If you are Healthcare professional or an experienced IT professional, stay where you are and never think about moving up here. Working with unqualified bosses is hard.

Points positifs

Flex time. Holidays

Points négatifs

Absolutely unqualified managers in IT. Favoritism, rasicm.
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Casual Sub Teacher

Very good benefits. I enjoyed working with the children. The wages are exceptional. GNWT treats their employees with proper respect and has positive ethics.
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PeopleSoft Upgrade Initiative

Although the weekly commute was somewhat taxing, working in the great white north was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that more than made up for the commute. The project had many moving parts from a change in infrastructure, firewalls, implementing Interaction Hub, Fluid, Elastic Search and as well as upgrading HCM and FSCM.
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