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3,9Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Relaxed and productive atmosphere

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Overall a good place to work. With the best benefit you can ever think of. Work life balance is good and they are investing heavily in technology and you can learn a lot.
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Great payStressful work- unorganized management

Working in Nunavut was an amazing experience. The pay was amazing. Lots of vacation time. The work, at times was stressful due to high turn over of staff.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

high turn over
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Productive and fun work environment.

A very unique opportunity to work with Inuit, First NationsA great learning environment,Public / Government Sector knowledgeCollaborative working teams
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Experience average if you want to experience take a holiday

worked in Rankin, staff ok management ok. Double isolation because of covid. if you wanted to go on holidays to see family you have to self isolate on own dime for two weeks. makes it difficult. Winters are long days are extremely short. Very slow paced. wait around wait for trouble calls. Overall work is ok. just understand what getting yourself into. its a different world and covid makes it difficult to travel in and out with out avoiding 2 weeks quarantine. Hardly any overtime anymore another down fall. Money is not there like it use to be.

Points positifs

Money is ok. Cheap rent. local people friendly. experience local culture

Points négatifs

Covid and travel restrictions, overtime cutbacks, long winters
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Good place to work. Helpful advancements

Lots of lack of organization throughout departments. However great job security. Always hiring.. lots of overturning of staff which creates more disorganization. Its another world and not for everyone but it is great if you can have a good work and home life balance.

Points positifs

Compensation, security

Points négatifs

Lack of organization, constant turn over
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Best job I ever had!

I learned so much and was treated with respect by everyone I worked for and with. Work/life balance is recognized and taken into consideration by management.

Points positifs

Great work environment, salary and benefits.

Points négatifs

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Great workplace

I loved my job here, my role here was very key to the Dept of Health Great team work I have learned alot of how important it is to be in Department of health with saving lives
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Busy and constantly on the go which was great. Phone calls to and from contractors, emails for head quarters and staff was a great bunch to work with.
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3 months until I got my paychecks

It took them 3 months to process two paychecks, it's 4+ months now and I am still trying to get reimbursed for my Nunavut nursing licence ($1000). before I was hired there were red flags such as not responding to questions and emails going unanswered.
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Very good salary

9 to 5 type of job. Very relaxed and slow pace environment. The lack of skilled employees and coworkers makes it a sometimes a frustrating environment.
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Valuable work experience

Rich culture and therefore excellent learning environment. Thorough orientation program and accessible opportunities to grow professionally within the organization. Salary is competitive and job security is assuring. Management team is very supportive through preceptorship, mentorship and information sharing. The arctic climate of the communities can be harsh, and may therefore render a level of discomfort when trying to live and there for more than a few months at a time. This is one downside to working and living in Nunavut.
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There is alot to do at all times.

During my time at the goverment of iqaluit i was constantly working hard to impress my supervisors. There is alot of rewarding work. The office acts just like a family, it made me feel very welcome.
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Amazing experience

Rewarding job, amazing coworkers and great mentors; this job was a stepping stone that paved a way to my current job. Experience definitely one that I will never forget.
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Terribly run health centre

Not any support Nepotism Unrealistic expectations Too many on call nights Management unqualified Support and union non-existent Bullying Discrimination
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It's complicated

The GN has a wide range of jobs. Nurse, finance clerk, teacher. you name it. So difficult to be specific. So instead here are a few tips. The pay is good, but not as good as it looks, the cost of living is very high, and airfare is thousands of dollars if you want to leave the territory. A good job is easier to get then decent housing, pay attention. There is a high rate of turnover. If you show up on time, and are generally competent, the rate of advancement is much faster then provincial governments
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different based on the community, good pay

Good place to work, depending on the community and department you work in.

Points positifs

great pay

Points négatifs

away from home
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Amazing place to work. Best place I have worked at.

The Government of Nunavut provides a second to none employee benefits package and compensation. The work is fulfilling and provides great opportunity for growth.

Points positifs

Great work environment

Points négatifs

Some units are too laid back.
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Great Opportunities in the North

The Government of Nunavut is recognized as an employer where people can make a difference and are given opportunities to put their skills to work. Overall the camaraderie amongst the workforce is very positive.

Points positifs

Team spirit

Points négatifs

remote northern setting
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Fun work place and excellent area to work at.

Rewarding to work with people from the Inuit culture. Employer provided opportunities to learn about the culture. Lots of satisfaction working autonomously.

Points positifs

Learning the dynamics of a different culture.

Points négatifs

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Great environment with opportunity to grow.

When I started employment as an Employee Relations Analyst, I was in the middle of completing the Human Resources Management Program at Algonquin College. I found this to be very helpful, as the two seemed to coincide a lot. I developed so many skills in this role. As the ER Analyst, I provided support to the ER Consultants within my division. Some of my typical job duties included: - drafting of disciplinary letters - researching jurisprudence - aiding in grievance resolution - drafting of executive summaries - sitting in on disciplinary meetings as the HR Representative I thoroughly enjoyed my position with the Government of Nunavut and am grateful for the opportunity to develop and strengthen my Human Resources skills.
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Great learning opporuntity but Ill prepared

Great opportunity to learn and push yourself, but I felt very poorly prepared for a very big position that had been being run by its employees without management for a long time.
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