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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Horaires difficiles et sans fin défini, travail répétitif, et très dur physiquement
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It used to he place where one could earn good wages

Very physical work ,company does seem to care about their employees motto everyone is replaceable. Load are all over the place. Volume up and down either too busy or not.

Points positifs

You can have shift 3x12

Points négatifs

Very demanding
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Monopoly management

Management don't listen and don't care Lot of fake and drama people on supervisory level and management is not professional enough to figure out the reality or they just like that. I would say monopoly of few people.

Points positifs

Good home time

Points négatifs

Management Monopoly
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Good company to work for.Good benefits and pay.Supervisors are very helpful and accomodating.Paid leave and profit sharing every year.would recommend
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Friendly guys

Despite high physicality of the delivery, you can get fair pay and freedom at work most of the time. But it's a big challenge for new guys who must spend around 11-12 hrs per shift running with heavy load and driving. That's why most new comers can hardly surive the first month.
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For the most part time here has been what was expected for the position. Benefits are great, hours can be lengthy but if your willing to work you get compensated for your effort.
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very good benefits, good pay, good equipment.. like driving a stick (manual) .. very fast paced, no time to eat anything. keeps you in shape, overall good gig.
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Good for getting experience for new drivers

Management is a big issue. Less driving more unloading is a usually day at GFS.But good for getting experience and every night home. 10/4 shifts.Max wage 29/hour after 2 years of service for class 1.In winter this job sucks, shovelling snow from restaurants is a part of job.Early starting bw 3 to 5am.

Points positifs

OT in winter if you like it.

Points négatifs

Management is dick, hard job in winter.
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It's a difficult job. You will be overworked and underappreciated. You will have anywhere from 15-20 stops in a day. The most stops I had in a day was 24, and it was brutal. Don't expect management to sympathize with you, you're basically on your own. We are always injured and in pain. If you love stress, you'll love this job.
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happy to work

the componyi is good ,i see the better feature,good salary and happy work,the people in gordon nice,management is okey,thex pay exact. im happy to my work as a deliver driver,pay it correctly,the co employee teach the person for the good for the compony

Points positifs

free food

Points négatifs

long hours
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Great place to work

Always treated fairly. Hard work but rewarding. Management was always listing to concerns or comments. Great company culture. Lots of company events.
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Busy Enviroment but management was always easy to work with

I met many great people working at gfs . From my fellow drivers to the warehouse staff all the way up to upper management. The only reason I left was to go back into the industry I was in prior to working at gfs otherwise I would have stayed.
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Productivity and fun work place

I enjoy all the periods I work in the company I learn every day i come to work because of the high caliber of people employed to work there with diverse experience and ready to teach the new comers

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Fast paced job, a lot of lifting

No experience required they will train you the first week. It’s very fast-paced job, a lot of lifting from start of your shift to the end but the pay is good.
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Great pay

Great pay but terrible management, most days your shift will likely start four ti five hours late because they can’t get trailers into the docks to load them. Communication is thee worst I have ever seen in my life at this company. Overall great pay but terrible everything else. It’s a shame because this could be a great company to work for
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Company is great to hard working employees, management needs work

Great company to work for with lots of perks and good coworkers. Lots of overtime if wanted and to pay for warehouse and driving positions. To wages for the industry.

Points positifs

Lots of perks, good pay, decent benefits, good co-workers

Points négatifs

Long hours in the summer, management isn't the greatest
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Put it this way, you get your additional services (hourly pay) waiting for late trailers. Found that out 6 months into job.

Hard work, 8000kg moved my hand a day. Put it this way, you get your additional services (hourly pay) waiting for late trailers. I found this out 6 months in from another co worker not by management.
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Productive and a fun place to work

Any position in warehouse operations is a fast pace work, competitive, productivity standards, must to complete minimum moves an hour and a day, daily performance goals. The positions are order picker selector, forklift operator, receiver, pallet hauling. Able to work in three temperature zones, grocery (warm), cooler and freezer. Very good management and co-workers.

Points positifs

Good people to work with, good salary, good benefits, overtime and incentives. Interesting job.

Points négatifs

Long hours could be 10 hours a day, before the pandemic could be 12 hors a day, people in operations work all the holidays but it is well paid. Demanding job.
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Productive and fun workplace

Very fast paced environment competitive and some incentive paced. Intramural hockey teams on the weekend and basketball tournaments between wear houses here and in the states plus truck rally.
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Good atmosphere good people hard but rewarding work

Great place wish I had found it years ago came in as a summer helper and they offered to pay for my license so I stuck around, good people mostly friendly customers early starts but off early in the afternoon typically. And excellent pay of course

Points positifs

Great pay friendly customers good management and great employees, decent hours

Points négatifs

Can be long hours in the summer and physically demanding, early starts
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Very nice place to work

Best place specially for AZ no experience and it has hand bombing with long hours so get ready for it if hired. The payment has incentive beyond the salary

Points négatifs

Long hours 10- 12 hours
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