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Le salaire estimé provient de 22 employés, utilisateurs et emplois actuels ou publiés sur Indeed depuis les 36 derniers mois.
PosteSalaire moyenRépartition des salaires
3 salaires bruts partagés
43 269 $ par an
Les salaires min. et max. sont masqués lorsque nous disposons de moins de cinq salaires
6 salaires bruts partagés
16,29 $ par heure
10,15 $
24,60 $

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  • Management can't keep their stories straight for 24hrs, completely unreliable.

    After my "interview", which was literally 10 mins and most of that was the GM explaining what my role would be, I was told I would get ____ hours/week. Enough hours that I'd be able to quit my current job, which pays me $5/hr more. Once I got the job...
    Instructor/Deck Teacher (Ancien employé)
    Oakville, ON - 14 janvier 2020
  • work elsewhere

    what’s that? uh oh stinky. this place is trash. management treats the staff like garbage. management needs to go back to grade 2 and learn math because i lost count of the amount of times they “forgot” to pay me or miscalculated my earnings. mandator...
    Instructor (Ancien employé)
    Oakville, ON - 30 octobre 2019
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