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What is the interview process like?

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Seems like you had a different expectation going into the interview. And you appear defensive.

After you apply, you will get lots of messages from the Managing Partner; he will send multiple messages to your home phone as well as text your home phone, and then he will also ask through the Indeed email for you to text him - almost as if they are desperate and can't hold on to employees, perhaps because their culture is quite negative and focussed solely on $$$$ (for profit) instead of the organization as a whole and creating the best environment for everyone to succeed. After you reply, you will set up a time to 'talk'; this is not an interview, but it is an interview. In that phone conversation the Managing Partner will not have read anything on your resume except for the heading, so be prepared to explain your background. The Managing Partner seems to enjoy dictating what the municipal and non profit sector is like, but yet his whole background is with the Private sector so how does he know about budgets and stuff in the public/non profit sectors? Odd, and he should change his approach as he totally bulldozed the conversation on the phone and could care less when someone wants to explain their background and how the public/non profit sector typically do not have budgets to work from and or to fully rely on. I guess he thinks that municipalities can just raise taxes every time they go over budget or something? I don't know, but what I do know is that it's a business and the goal is to make money (for other projects/to keep taxes the same), and or to break even; the goal of the non profit/public sector is not to go in the whole. So where he gets his business sense from is beyond me . . . perhaps he needs to spend more time with the non profit/public sector to know how difficult it is to do anything with zero money and or little monies available. He will then want to berate you on the phone, but do not let him because he's a bully and has no understanding of how the real world works.

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