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2.9Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Bon environnement

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Bon environnement, salaire relativement correct, horraire assez intense. Bon emploi stable.

Points positifs

Stabilité, repas gratuit, bon assurances

Points négatifs

Horraire, équilibre famille/travaille
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No work life balance

Pros: Friendly and talented staff, meaningful work, lots of benefits, and nice office. Cons: poor work-life balance, lack of training, and subpar management. Really depends on the team.
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Cold calls/selling products

Cold calling has proven to be beneficial however calling the same individuals over and over is tiresome especially when you're already emailing them. Selling money is no problem but selling all 3 products over it is another challenge which is great, that's what work is supposed to be, but we have to sell even to customers that do not need the products. We have to offer to give them an increase on the loan even if we know they wouldn't able to afford the installment payments. I was not in a position to give any sort of advice that would only help the customers. Only if it helps the company or company and customer at same time. Remember one thing, you are dealing with customers who are customers because they have to be customers, not because they want to be customers. Most of them walk through that door because they have no choice but to see you. The focus is more on quantity than quality.

Points positifs

stat holiday pay, You don't start shift too early

Points négatifs

Salary, over the top cold calling
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Great work place culture. No work/ life balance.

Can be fun, fast paced, competitive and has fun incentives. Would not recommend for someone with children or family as hours are not desirable and rarely 2 days off in a row.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Hours— no work life balance. Poor pay— below provincial average.
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I wouldn’t if I was you

How I was sold the job in the interview was much different than the reality. Many reviews say similar things, but overall the management team is comprised of good “sales” people- not management material. Further there is no real sales of the “optional” products because customers are told they cannot get a loan if they do not take the optional services. I noticed a vast difference in the training I was given and the actuality of the branch. I felt the company strongly lacked integrity. Pay is good. Bonuses are good. But if you value doing good for your community steer clear.
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Great place to work

Goeasy is a great place to work. The culture is very uplifting with team building events and it's easy to talk to my managers. I always have a full day of work, which means I'm never bored, so the day goes fast. The benefits are amazing, and depending on your position, you will have able opportunity to bonus. Work life balance can be a challenge sometimes, but you know the hours required before you take the position, they don't hide that it is a demanding job.

Points positifs

Benefits, we didn't loose our jobs during the covid shut downs.

Points négatifs

Salary could be higher
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Not a good place to work

Everyone in my department is over worked and as a new employee three have unrealistic expectations where they show you tasks one or two times and expect you to start performing with No errors. The team is not a team at all…team mates are extremely unsupportive and give you unrealistic deadlines to complete the tasks. They tell you not to take stress before handing over a task to you but then expect you to have it done asap and you can’t ask questions as they get angry. Oh and extremely underpaid…you can make the same money by taking a job that has a better work life balance.

Points positifs

Free lunches great office building

Points négatifs

Long hours no work life balance and extremely underpaid
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Great workplace

I was a delivery specialist here and it was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. Management is very easy to talk to and very appreciative of anything you do. By far great people to work with and around, defiantly made me look forward to go to work everyday. Overall awesome place to work and awesome work environment and would recommend working here. The only reason I left is because I had a job opportunity I couldn’t refuse.

Points positifs

Awesome workplace and environment
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Very stable job. Would be 5* if the pay was better

Hardly ever any talks of layoffs. Very stable business that's just continue to grow even through a pandemic. Management is supportive. No high pressure. If only the pay was better though

Points positifs

Stable company

Points négatifs

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I love working for goeasy!

Management is fantastic! They help set you up for success, and help you be where you want to be. With a lot hard work and dedication you can excel in this job in no time!

Points positifs

Great incentives, benefits

Points négatifs

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Amazing culture, support from management and colleagues

I've been with the company for just over a month and they have done a spectacular job with my remote onboarding and making sure I'm set up to be successful in my new role. The management and my colleagues have been supportive and helpful all throughout and the company does a fantastic job at maintaining an active communication and culture with the employees even during the pandemic. Postive and dynamic team and overall a great experience so far.
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Incentive to Work Hard and Provide Results

Busy work environment. Work/Life Balance can be a big challenge. Great incentives when you work hard for it!Company looks after it’s team - especially those on the frontlines!

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Work life balance
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Great Potential!

I have been working at goeasy for almost 7 years. Pros -The company while young is growing and evolving so there is potential for future growth that you may be unable to see now. -They have the best culture of any company I have ever worked for. -You are free to reach out to the senior leadership team, who are some of the smartest, friendliest, and collaborative people in the company. (Most companies don't give you access and support that you find here) -This is a place you can call home. A lot of employees have been there for a long time which allows for a deep understanding of the business and generates the ability to create your path to success -Growth opportunities exist but, you will have to do more than just show up and do good work. It requires going above and beyond to reap the rewards. -Our clients are important to them, and they are constantly looking for ways to help the customer grow and move on to prime lending. (That to me is powerful! and the main reason for our success) Cons -No company is perfect. Sometimes is it hard to find that work-life balance, as they are still growing. -With the growth comes changes and updates to technology and procedures and not everyone is comfortable with, so it important to no get hung up on what was, but focus on the progress
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Working at goeasy

Although the pay is not high, the bonus here makes up for the lost pay per hour. Snacks are good. Managers are good and encouraging. Only negative is salary. The only way to make up for lost salary is to slog or work overtime.
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Love my job

My typical day at work is calling people letting them know what deals are going on instore during that month. Asking them about there needs and expriences . As well as part of my job is to make deals and offer products as well is following throught with there needs. I set goals and sometimes its very hard as you get nis or vm .I love the enviroment that I am in as well as the people I work with they are amazing and learning new stuff everyday
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Life at Goeasy

Working at goeasy has allowed me to grow in many different aspects, professionally and personally. I am being challenged every single day and I have the pleasure to work with such talented and dynamic individuals. I am motivated in my job as I see the value I provide to the organization and how we are making a positive impact in society. The work is challenging but motivating at the same time.
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Working With goeasy Ltd.

goeasy not only has an outstanding workplace culture, where colleagues are encouraging, management is consistently supportive and success is never failed to be recognized, but it is also an organization that strives to improve the lives of everyday Canadian's, through providing optimal service all across Canada! The best part about working for goeasy is that work feels like "family" away from my own family and the support to propel and develop my career is both genuine and attainable!!
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Every day is a excitement walks through the doors and can excel your skills with proper effort and guidance you seek. Best place to grow in your career and be a role model.
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HR-Talent Acquisition

One of the best places I have worked for. Amazing culture and people to work with. My efforts never go unnoticed, the company promotes teamwork. Even though it is high-volume, team work is the best part to the story..
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Work hard, play hard, is simple way to describe goeasy's work environment. The company is growing at a rapid pace and there are so many growth opportunities within my role, company, and my career. Strong leadership team to help drive team motivation and employee development. During Covid-19, our CEO has provided ample opportunities and benefits that empathizes the value of the employees. The hardest part of my job is the workload, as it can build up during busy seasons. However, the best part of the job is working with my team. The relationships you build at this goeasy will create long lasting friendships!
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Know what you’re getting into before you start

Job title:As a financial service representative (FSR), you’re far from a financial rep, you’re a sales rep. You don’t need any business background to work there, however the company expects employees to have some sort of business knowledge; definitely not needed.Pay:The biggest thing people talk about is the pay. FSR’s make anywhere from $16-$18 an hour, which is not possible to live off of, but that’s what bonus is for. There is monthly and quarterly bonuses, which has potential to earn you a lot more money if your branch is hitting target.Day to day:It will be different branch to branch, but your start of the day consists of calling your new online applications, and then all of the account receivable clients. After that, you’re in sales all day.Sales:Cold calls are needed, and calling leads every 3 days until they pick up the phone. This is the part that I did not agree with during my time at easyfinancial. Not only do the clients pay a extremely high interest rate, but on top of that, we are expected to add an additional $100 a month to clients payments for additional services. These services are OPTIONAL, however the only way to sell it to customers is by not telling them it is optional, or you force the customer to take it. And you are expected to have 80% of your loans with these optional services.Management:I can’t speak on the whole company, but management within our region management was a big problem. Not everyone is cut out to be a manager, however they just pick the best FSR’s to become managers. The problem with that is that they are good sales reps, not - 

Points positifs

Consistent hours, good benefits, potential for a lot of money

Points négatifs

Cold calling, bad management
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