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Si vous deviez quitter goeasy, quelle en serait la raison?

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  • If you're going to leave, you'll leave due to the shady business practices. Management doesn't care whether clients are financially capable of handling further debt, it's all about numbers. Be prepared to harass small lists of people, day in and day out, to take out more money. You'll just have to keep calling the exact same people until either their resolve breaks, you've run their credit into the ground by performing too many hard checks, or until they block your phone number.

  • Lots of room for advancement some complain about hours being long and working on sundays during December ? Welcome to the real world. Great place to work

  • You will leave so you can sleep at night not worrying about how you’ve buried people in loans to pad your own stats to get a bonus.

  • Too much shady practices have to be done to meet quotas —- if you don’t have a conscious you’ll do great.

  • If there was no opportunity to grow or if I've been treated poorly - so far, I've not only grown with the Company, but developed great relationships.

  • If there was a complete change in management and our direction made a 180

  • Better Paying
    Less Stressful

    More Time With Family

  • You will leave because of management.

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  1. Si vous deviez quitter goeasy, quelle en serait la raison?