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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez goeasy?

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The interview process was pretty relaxed. The manager I interviewed with made me feel comfortable and not pressured. The interview rooms are really warm.

If you have a driver licence and know how to make a mark then your in.

Pretty simple any bank or credit history you will usually be offered a job. Interview starts with a telephone interview and if they see fit forwarded to a branch manager and then the branch manager recommends you to the regional manager. Regional manager does a final telephone interview with you and then provides offer letter.

Very judgmental, recruitment team takes a very long time to do anything, took 8 months to get someone hired in one branch, another has been short staffed for 2 years. Entire regions are short staffed and no one willing to help anyone else. You would be lucky to get phone interview and then interview with BM then RM. Then you have to still pass background check.

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