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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez goeasy?

8 réponses

Poor work life balance unless your a manager doing the schedules
Over worked and unappreciated

They bait and switch bonuses during Open House and other special sales events. Long hours. Coworkers helpful.

Strong collaborative skills are time management are key to handle the typical stress associated with with working at this company.
The company culture isn't afraid to brush off old time worn tropes to move forward and see ourselves as an industry leader.

You will be paid commensurate with the kind of effort you put into your work.

This isn't just a job just to cash a paycheck every two weeks, if that's how you go into it, you won't go far.

There is little to no culture. I worked there before it was goeasy and after they changed their image to goeasy. The only things that changed were more and more sexual harassment and less employee appreciation. They even stopped giving an extra 50 dollars at Christmas en lieu of a Christmas party (because only head office in Toronto gets to have one) and forced employees to provide receipts showing they spent money at a restaurant and would reimburse them. Real disconnected way of appreciating employees.

It's a great example of a work hard, play hard environment. While the environment is fast-paced, the company has a big focus on making the environment fun for everyone! Making suggestions and recommending better ways to do business is encouraged and your voice matters.

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Overwork you to death, goals unattainable, try to lure you with prizes to have no life balance, what are you doing for me now , never care about your previous outstanding results, you have a bad week, youre done for.

Overworked under paid and no appreciation.

Horrible. Stress and more stress. Always being told you aren't doing good enough

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