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Comment bien se préparer pour un entretien chez goeasy?

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Dress well, be polite.

For a developer position, know SOLID, Agile, Design Patterns and follow the works of Martin Fowler---this should impress a goeasy interviewer if they also know and follow those standard technical practices, otherwise dont bother, you can be lackluster and join their lackluster team

Review website, review job postings

Know information about the company, Be up beat and ready to answer some open ended questions.

Do some research, get to know the job first and make sure it's a fit for you. Ask questions and be customer service oriented as they come first.

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Be yourself, be honest

Do some company research and Visit one of our many locations. Speak to our teams and find out yourself.

Aidez les candidats à découvrir l'entreprise tout en étant objectif(ve) et pertinent(e).
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