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    Camionneur in Boucherville, QC
    le 14 octobre 2019
    Bien aime mes annees
    Excellent entreprise pour les nouveaux chauffeurs qui arrivent sur le marché de l'emploi. Beaucoup de reculons dans des endroits serré. Beaucoup de manutention mais aussi beaucoup de $$$$ dans vos poches à la fin de la semaine.
    Order Picker/Packer in Milton, ON
    le 9 décembre 2019
    People, Production, Punctual
    Company that has the interest of the employee, with various company activities inside and outside of the workplace. There are production standards to met that come along with the pay. Being punctual is a factor that drives the company. Picking orders for the scheduled order time, loading the pallets on the truck, ensuring items are stocked and ready for order selection. Overall a good company to work for if you are goal oriented person that takes pride in their work.
    COMMIS D'ENTREPÔT in Boucherville, QC
    le 14 novembre 2019
    Nice place to work for a student.
    Nice place to work for a student. Nice salaries, nice conditions. Have to be able to do physical work. Events paid by the company to reinforce the family culture and strengthen link between employees.
    Formula Selector in Milton, ON
    le 8 février 2019
    Do not work here
    Very good company on paper. Quite the contrary if you are an employee in the warehouse. You are treated as a number, constantly pushed to work harder by increased workloads and decreased times to complete the work. They do not care about people with mental health conditions unless they are forced to by medical documents supported by dr.s that their insurance companies your doctors word means nothing. I speak from experience. I had a panic attack in the warehouse, and all they did was call a cab and ship me off to the hospital alone with nobody with me AT MIDNIGHT. I could barely walk on my own and had to drag myself into the hospital and collapsed at the front desk for 20 minutes or so until someone noticed me. Gfs couldnt even spring for an ambulance or at the very least someone to go with me. When i asked for somone to come with me john mcdonald just laughed at me. I demanded to speak with the president of the company and all she said to me was "just forgive us". And to take my full short term disability(which i had to fight to get). I wound up havind major severe depression due to this companies treatment of me so i had to take long term disability. 8 months of that while fighting the whole time to get back to work, but in a different role OUTSIDE of the warehouse and they just could not accomodate unless medically forced to. I even applied to a g class driving position that SAID DAY SHIFT AND NIGHT SHIFT to which i am very qualified to do and they ignored my 3 applications completely. I wound up having to find a new job somewhere else due to their horrible lack of compassion for their employee who now has mental issues stemming from there warehouse. Very bad company to work for, but on paper their great. As long as their T's are crossed and their I's are dotted they do not care what really goes on in the warehouse.
    Sales Representative in Milton, ON
    le 8 novembre 2017
    Overworked and underpayed
    My first outside sales position. Ended up working 6 days a week and could never really take any time off with my family. Lasted 3 years however family life was compromised.
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