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…. Endroit toxique ouo vous tabaisse et que lon vou dit que l’honnêteté est une politique mes que quand ya pas de travail il chargge le temp a un camion qui nes pas la
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Traditional firm and practices

No job security even if you are innovative. No appreciation for initiatives. No reward for good work. Learning not promoted. No internal career mobility.

Points positifs

Pay is alright.

Points négatifs

No job security, No appreciation, No motivation or reward, Learning not promoted, No internal career mobility.
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Stay clear of GFL environment in the Ottawa Area. Place is ran like an all boys club. Management is told what to do by the employees, it's chaos!!!

Stay clear of GFL environment in the Ottawa Area. Place is ran like an all boys club. Management is told what to do by the employees, it's chaos!!! They have drivers that confront you and get threatening when they don't get they're way. All while management does nothing about it.

Points positifs

I don't work there anymore

Points négatifs

I did work there
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Culture of the organization

Pathetic and toxic on every level. They are here to use you in every capacity. STAY AWAY!!! They are very good talkers. Mind games run in their blood.
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is it a good job if you are saving up for something

like most jobs management is terrible, if you are the type of person that loves extra hours then this might be right for you. i felt like the job was not worth the pay. night shift supervisor yelled at me had to put him in his place next you know im out of a job!
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  • Absence de stress

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  • Sentiment d'appartenance
  • Soutien du responsable
  • Confiance vis-à-vis des collègues

Big company but respectful to employees

Big company that stresses safety first.Environmental division is very relaxed and don't want errors. Paid by the hour. No union but all the benefits of union, all clothing and safety gear provided, etc.

Points positifs

No stress, just do the job right

Points négatifs

Bad management, slow to correct errors
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This company will fire you as soon as you turn 65 they overwork you they want too much of you

The management there is terrible. They don't care about anything except for themselves and the company. It is high-pressure they make you work really hard, which is fine but they push you to the point where you can't do it safely.
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Good paying employer with toxic HR and management

This is a Good paying employer, but you'll be working for a toxic management and HR team. GFL is an industry leader in promoting "yes people" in to management roles, who then work their subordinates to the bone and price gouge their customers, so that managers can get their performance bonuses. Most of the common workers are good people who put up with all of this because of the good pay and excellent benefits.

Points positifs

Pay, benefits

Points négatifs

Bad management, toxic HR, long hours
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Good, not great

The Pay was the best part along with a three day weekend. Very intense manual labour (started getting arthritis in the fingers and hands) Hard on the body and not great management. But all in all not a bad job. Sometimes wish I would’ve stayed.
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Good Place

The people are warm and friendly and look out for each other. They genuinely want you to excel and provide you with the requisite knowledge and skills to thrive
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Too much drama for a truck shop

To get an idea of the people you're working for, middle management will search your toolbox when you quit. They'll then call you demanding that you pay back your work boot allowance. Certain individual in shop will blame their own incompetence and poor inventory management skills on apprentices, as well as hide your tools from you and pretend to be a hero when it mysteriously turns up. Lots of unnecessary drama during my time there. Inappropriate comments from middle management. The maintenance manager was awesome to work for, and was the only hard part about leaving this company.

Points positifs

Maintenance manager

Points négatifs

Middle management
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No upward movement of you are remote from Ontario working for corporate

What is the best part of working at the company?Flexible hours and great health planWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Changing of organization structure wasn’t organized What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Depends on your direct manager, been through three in 1.5yrsWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Check email, check ticket system, respond to users, complete other tasks, go home
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Gfl Was a great place to work. Home every night and weekends off. I learned a lot working there. Management was easy to get along with. The training for the job was good.
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Unhealthy management team

I has taken me a while to write this, I Loved this job and I loved most of the drivers and to be honest drivers were the reason I stayed. Some were very kind and funny and made time go fast. Management is a problem, I was through a temp agency and was promised full-time and because when the pandemic hit and I called in sick they let me go and didn't have to take me back. This company does not like you taking sick days and find a way to penalize you. I was told because the place was robbed while I worked (when it was closed)there that they cleaned house. I think they were looking in the wrong direction but who knows. Most Management would throw you under the bus to save thier own skin.

Points positifs

Truck drivers

Points négatifs

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Absolutely terrible place to work

Was hired along with three other people for their seasonal labourer position and was told more would be joining in the weeks to come, after two weeks of working two of the news hires had quit and I was handed my termination papers randomly one morning and was told that things just weren't working out even though I had been working overtime every day and never missed a day of work.

Points positifs

Immediate benefits

Points négatifs

poor management and backstabbing
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Not great

Absolutely no work life balance. Irregular start time and almost always work late plus on call on weekends. No respect for the employees all the company cares about if how much you can make for the company even if you don't have much time to see your family.
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Sounds like all gfl the same

No one in office cares (ie managers,hr&ceo) but wants you to work like a dog then jus let you go. No growth unless you’re a family member and big favouritism to the family and the ones good on their knees. Office get all the goodies bonuses and recognition for your hard work with no raises while the company buys out other companies
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If you value your mental health, do not work for GFL! They will stab you in the back Not support your effortsPlan your out while telling you your doing a good jobThreaten you Hire known toxic people to get you to quit
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Only good if you have an in

Become friends with the managers and be on your knees and you'll do good there. High pay and high stress. High school drama always prevelent. Benefits are good
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Poor equipment

Poor equipment, but good union representation. Large corporation, so you are definitely treated like a number. Good co-workers. Physical outdoor work.
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Unorganized and cliquey

Due to poor communication and cliques jobs take longer than needed. Poor leadership. Equipment could definitely be improved or atleast fixed when problems are brought forward.
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