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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez GetAssist?

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You work for free, the upper management sees you as a number, if you can't sell or book appointments they will fire you in less than two weeks.

Also, they think selling a product with countless bad reviews is not an excuse if you can't sell.

Toxic. Rude. Management doesn't do anything but lie. Tries to make people work 9 to 5 hours and won't pay them if they know the rights as independent contractors make own hours

So much fun cash games every day - fun compitions between cities and each other

So much fun

Friendly and welcoming

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Very positive, relaxed environment. Really nice manager and co-workers.

Extremely toxic and negative. Everyone talks behind each others backs and management is completely un-professional. They will never remember your name and screw up on pay and mess with your schedules all the time.

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