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Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez GetAssist?

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They will hire you if you can communicate well in English.

There are no steps. If you "apply" (Fancy word for get in touch), you get immediately "hired" (Fancy word for call to come and start your training). You spend 3 days Training. The days are not paid, food not provided... Where they show you the in & outs of the app, and couple of pointers on how to cold call/sell their app. on the 4th day, you get called into the Owner's office. He then goes with you over their "Employment agreement" and explains the pay structure. 100% commission based, no base salary, No benefits, expected to show up Monday to Saturday, and need to make a $500 deposit to get the company's iPad & Shirt. After that, you start coming in, cold calling all day, and with LOTS of luck, managing to sell once in a while ($90 per sale if you land it on your own. You have to pay off if you use an in house lead / lead generated by the company)

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