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A private facility is better then this place.
Care aide (Ancien employé) –  Burnaby, BC27 février 2019
I have worked in many places and I must say this is the worse. It is not the staffs fault for being bullies and wanting to dump their work load on you. The facility is hard on 2 person lifts, and it must be 2 person. But if your new the staff go on their breaks leave you with the resident on the lift and you must go around asking people. When you finally find someone they say their on their way for break. All this are signs of short staff. As soon as you start your shift at 2:30 your running! The entire shift until just before the shift ends. Mind you I was not in a heavy group. Nobody helps. The staff complain complain and complain to management and they don’t listen and don’t care too... All this was during my first week there. After so many complaints all I heard was you guys must work as a team. The typical safe card to blame staff for not being united when clearly the ratio is horrible..... gossip is the #1 thing here. If you have experience in the field you willl be tested here. If you have no experience and it’s your first job you will be chewed up and spat out. A lot of my orientation co workers didn’t show up again. Only those that it was their first job stayed. The need to work and the training and treatment they got from the staff here at George Derby will make this new staff sour and mean just the way they were treeted. Hopefully something changes cause at the end of the day it is the residents that pay the price...
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Closed, unreasonable, Bad management. For all those reason you get horrible care and horrible sour miserable staff.
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