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Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez George Brown College?

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  • Approximately two to three weeks after the deadline of posting

    Step 1: Apply on the website and if you are a student then visit the student portal. Prepare a good resume, neat and clean.

    Step 2: If they like your skills based on the resume then they will contact you.

    Step 3 - Intreview: If you are selected then you will be asked basic questions related to the job position.

    There are several departments in GBC and each department takes interviews in their own way. Student Association(SA) takes the interview in groups and type of interview is pannel(3 to 4 members)

    Peer Connect(student position): also takes interview in groups but one single person takes it.

    Higher positions may have difficult technical questions.

    The process might change from time to time. Good luck

  • Maximum week, interview and then couple days after someone gets back to you, they don't forget you, they are very good, i love the way they treat it individuals, excellent organization to be part of.

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