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  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
  • Absence de stress
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  • Environnement inclusif
  • Confiance vis-à-vis des collègues

bonne collaboration de la direction

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conception sur solidwork la cynematique des produits de production -management par le bas -collaboration difficile -faire accepter mes idées -la fierté des machines concues

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flexible questions

My reviews as my job are flexible and good benefits with teamwork. Knowledge with software as pre testing and prepare with clients or customers for Technician acceptable.
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Great place to work!

- Preparation of business cards, graphics, print shop printing, cerloxing/binding, ordering supplies, formatting internal/external document deliverables - Flexible work schedule with on-the-job/external training - Team commitment/positive environment Great people - Tight work deadlines - Recognition for work performed

Points positifs

Flexible hours - work/life balance

Points négatifs

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Great company to work for in terms of culture, fair work/life balance and educational.

My experience working at GD was wonderful. The company had a great culture and it’s something that I felt right from the interview! I learned a lot while I was there and made some very good friends that still see and stay in touch with. I felt that the work/life balance and compensation was fair. I would definitely go back to work at GD if the right opportunity became available
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The pay and the benefits are fantastic. The problem with GD is that they don’t reward you based on results. They reward you if they “like” you or you are related to someone high up. There is a lot of nepotism at GD. The people on the floor were great to work with but there is too much politics in the front office. Stressful fast paced environment at the LWS facility. Can’t speak for the main plant.
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Feels like home

I've built long lasting friendships at GD and find most people excellent to work with. There is always an opportunity to learn new skills and technologies. The pace moderately stressful and rarely boring. There is normally plenty of work for everyone. The culture is excellent with lunchtime physical activities, productive and collaborative meetings, and a supportive team environment.
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Not a good medium to long term career choice

A culture of blame and issue hiding with significant amounts of passive aggressiveness. Lots of gossiping and game playing to hide a lack of skill in a number of areas. You're forced to play that game to get on. Often we miss sell customers on the quality of products, reselling tired and inadequate technology as cutting edge. The culture concentrates on giving an impression that we do a good job, rather than actually doing a good job.
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One of the better places to Work.

Pay is good compared to most, as are the benefits. Flexible hours for most employees. If you have friends in high places, then your good when the company lays off, otherwise you are just a number. Working hard here doesn't seem to get you ahead. The cyclical nature of the business is frustrating as you can be standing on the curb in a downturn. Management needs tuning up, as seems to be a common thread at most work places. Management is a tight group and doesn't back stab, if you drink the coolaid. Otherwise, you get shown the door. If management decides they don't like you, for whatever reason, they are out to get you......most don't survive and are out the door quickly. . I am disappointed at the lack of R&D that goes on and I think it affects business negatively. Too much management and not enough workers. Too much like goverment....

Points positifs

Good pay and benefits

Points négatifs

Management, Hr
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Good Work Experience

Working in General Dynamics Canada was a good working experience, where I got to do a little bit of everything, which includes coding, using Virtual Machine Software, and configuring network security policies.
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Good salary and good ambiance.

Good job. Good suppor teams. I’ve learned to respect the product as it is a highly dangerous product to work with. Lots of job rotation wich made it not as monotone.

Points positifs

Free lunches with overtime.

Points négatifs

Sometimes bad communication between bosses and workers.
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Feast or famine

Very good place to work. Solid leadership. Opportunities for advancement. Enjoyable work environment. Excellent benefits package and rewarding when the job is well done.

Points positifs

Free turkey at Christmas
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Challenging and fulfilling work

The days can be long, but don't have to be. Due to limited resources on larger projects, employees may have to be flexible on work times in order to work-in when resources are available. Training and advancement are available and mentoring is part of corporate culture. Flexible hours are available. Long hours and tight deadlines are the hardest part of the job. Camaraderie with colleagues and associates is the best part of the job. There are corporate teams and events sponsored throughout the year. Well established development processes and support systems help to make projects manageable.

Points positifs

Excellent process control

Points négatifs

The occasional long day.
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Average complany

An average company when it come to work environment. Not a lot of career advancement for staff and usually work is very specialized. Pay was average.
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Too dependant on Canadian contracts

Good company to work for but there is no room for movement within the organisation. Too much dead wood at the top and if you possess a military background then it is great place to work at
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customer driven work schedules

the drive to give the customer his product was always getting pushed ahead. work was always interesting even when pushed to the wall.
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Challanging as a work place

To design and build vehicles to protect the military. To out design the competition, and to be proud of something that will last and protect for years to come.

Points positifs

Relaxing place to work

Points négatifs

War driven
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Being able to spend the day with enjoyable people.

The day would be enjoyable, but busy at the same time. For the most part working at you own pace. It was more of remembering all of the information required for the job. Management didn't really have much to do with the staff on the production floor. They were great, for the most part everyone got along. The end of the day was the most frantic, trying to ensure that all of the work was done correctly. Trying to get everything done on time. Being at work, and enjoying the people I was working with.
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Great pay, horrible company.

The pay at this company is very decent. However, depending on the department, they treat their employees as highly expendable. Lots of office politics and behind the scenes shenanigans.

Points positifs

Decent pay

Points négatifs

Poor management, Employees treated as expendable
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Very close knit project team made for a good experience

Very close knit project team made for a good experience. Good cafeteria. Supportive manager who recognizes that people are multi-talented and can fill in in a cross-functional manner.
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Good place for starters

Worked at GD on a 1 year design engineering contract. I had the opportunity to expose myself to design and development so I liked the fact that the experience catered to my interests. Given the type of employment and me being a recent grad. I was quite happy with the pay and the employees are exceptionally friendly. Things to know/watch out for: Understand the dynamics of the workplace especially if you are junior and you want to learn. Releasing parts and systems is the fun part and a very good way to learn. Typically the team lead assigns who is going to design what however, it is a responsibility that everybody vies for. The team leads would typically be inclined to assign such responsibilities to more experienced staff. So make sure you ask and insist on being involved. You will have to assume responsibility if you are junior and you want to learn. If you don't assume responsibility you will end up pushing paper throughout your presence at the company. Since its a defence industry. There is no constant demand for design and production. So design ramps up when a contract is won followed by production after which layoff season starts until another contract is won. Senior staff tend to stay back to support R&D efforts where as less experienced personnel are let go of.. Having said that, I would not rate it well for job security. Overall, nice unique experience, plenty that you can learn from. I am glad I worked there.

Points positifs

Great opportunity to learn. Good pay, plenty of flexibility (hours). Alot of nice people

Points négatifs

Some barriers to being involved which needs to be overcome. Very low job security.
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Excellent opprotunity

I really enjoyed my time at this General Dynamics Mission Systems Canada. I had very friendly co workers and liked how flexible the hours were.
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