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A stereotypical company

An ok place to start a career, but after a few years, you should leave and go find a more innovative, 21st century company.GD-MS is a very stereotypical company. Working here reminds me very much of the work environment of the 1990s. The manufacturing department has very limited flexibility with work-life balance, and their vacation policy is nothing you couldn't get elsewhere. 3 weeks to start, one additional day after 5 years. This was a massive decrease from my previous company at a more junior level.GD-MS does offer generous health benefits with 100% coverage on dental and a 5% pension contribution, regardless of employee contributions, however once more, many companies are now matching 6%.The promotion process is laughably complex that I never even attempted to get promoted internally. You needed to write a business case on how you were already performing 80% of the tasks of the new position for at least the past year, and then your manager needs to write a business case to the director (or HR?) to advocate on your behalf. I chose to leave instead, as I was already unimpressed with the working culture.This is one of the few companies that did not offer profit-sharing, incentive bonuses (managers get a bonus, not the grunts), or stock options I have worked in, and I have worked in many industries and companies. Frankly, GD-MS isn't a horrible company, but it isn't a dream one either. My advice to anyone new in their career is if GD offers you a job, and you don't any an alternative offer, take this one, soak up the knowledge and then check other options in a few - 

Points positifs

Many intelligent co-workers, supportive environment, company funded pension at 5%

Points négatifs

Uninteresting working environment, old office, lack of flexibility at work, "old-guard" mentality among management
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Cool company

I mean, as an intern it was pretty cool working on the stuff I had to. I really liked everyone on my team and I like how there was always someone to ask if I ever got stuck
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Good people

Worked with a lot of good people of the many year I worked there. The general desire was to create quality products to support the Canadian military.
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No work life balance.

Some department managers mandate working long hours and indicate that it is expected due to competitive salaries offered. While other Managers encourage their staff to mind work/life balance. There is not a consistent expectation or approach for working extra time.In general support staff very supportive of others and somewhat satisfied with their roles.

Points positifs

Challenging work, support from peers

Points négatifs

Long hours, insufficient support from Management
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Points forts
  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
  • Capacité à atteindre des objectifs personnels
Points à améliorer
  • Soutien du responsable
  • Environnement inclusif
  • Confiance vis-à-vis des collègues

Lack of growth and innovation

The company is great to work for when there are projects and the people are incredibly smart and supportive. However, there is a resistance to trying anything innovative and spend money on research and innovation
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Productive and Relaxed place to work

GDMS-ca is a great place to start a journey in Enterprise software. The management is attentive. The work vibe is relaxed and moderately challenging depending on the program and software lifecycle stage.
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Great people, great mission

The work is very interesting, albeit using older technology as it typical with long duration military contracts. The people are what make the job what it is. If you are willing to put in the work, be a team player, you will be rewarded.
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Good mobility and productive environment

Things were relatively fast-paced but tended to ebb and flow with the contracts. Sometimes things could get hairy when there was a huge push to get product out the door, but generally felt a solid sense of accomplishment working with the team.

Points positifs

Good people, room to grow for the right kind of person.

Points négatifs

Some harassment/bullying issues within certain logistical departments.
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Productive and work together atmospheric environment to complete the objective.

Good people. Helpful. Show willingness to be involved and be part of a solution. Be committed. Go the extra mile. Task oriented and be driven to meet the end goal on time.

Points positifs

Flexible, team oriented. Work together. Good people. Rewarded for your effort. You are appreciated.

Points négatifs

Nothing stands out. I enjoyed all of it.
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Great place to work!

Very balanced work / personal life, great incentives and atmosphere. General Dynamics provides free onsite parking, a gym, a full cafeteria with meals cooked daily and many other great benefits.
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Dynamic Workplace and Great company culture!

Large organization so there is a lot to learn and grasp within its processes. Readily available resources nearby. Great workplace culture where employee engagement and level of transparency is encouraged. If you enjoy having a sense of ownership of your work and are a team player, GDMS-C is a great place to be. Both management and colleagues are willing to give a lending hand when needed. Overall, dynamic, fast-paced and there's always something new to be involved in.
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Same mistakes over and over.

GD does deal with some very firm deadlines. To achieve them, the managers will typically work their team to death during the last month - 6 weeks of a project. We then pat ourselves on the back for "going the extra mile" to get the job done, and the repeat the process with the next cycle. Nothing ever changes.

Points positifs

Working on systems that truly make a difference

Points négatifs

Corporate culture is soul destroying
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Extremely Professional and Exciting Place To Work

GD provided me the opportunity to do my second internship there and I accepted wholeheartedly. I was welcomed with an incredibly smart team of engineers that assisted me as I worked towards understanding the complex product as well as adapting to the new work environment. Work is exciting as I was exposed to brand new tools I hadn't used before, closed office space that allowed 100% focus and a company culture that is incredibly professional as it is fun.
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Complex job with many good people to work alongside

Excellent company to work for with many complex projects and dedicated professionals to work with. Many long term projects with lots of customer interaction.
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Productive Workplace

Great corporate culture and employee appreciation. There may be some issues with upward mobility but this is highly contingent on the type of work you are doing.
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Great place to work and learn

Worked here as a co-op for two terms. Great place to work. Excellent coworkers always willing to help. Plenty of employee events and involvement. Would love to work here again.
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Good place to work

Relatively good job security in the tech/engineering industry due to long project cycles. Benefits are not great but roughly inline with the industry in Calgary. The facility here is pretty good overall with fairly updated equipment. Salary is the main concern, well below average for Calgary from my perspective. This would be the place to work until retirement if it paid more or had some sort of retirement plan.

Points positifs

Good approachable management and a happy place to work. Free parking

Points négatifs

no free coffee, does not have a diverse culture
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Great people, interesting work

Good values. Professional atmosphere with a focus on productivity and innovation. Good teamwork. Working with highly skilled individuals makes for excellent collaboration and creative results. Great Benefits. With options to work compressed hours on top of perks like an on-site gym and cafeteria, GDMS-C clearly sees the value in a healthy work/ life balance.

Points positifs

Excellent opporunities for advancement
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Great work environment

General dynamics Provided a great work environment for my first internship. I learned a lot from experienced managers who were able to help me improve my overall knowledge of the Aerospace industry and systems engineering
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Great place to work!

Started at GDMS a month ago and couldn’t be happier! Management makes their expectations very clear and are very supportive of their staff. Everyone in my department has been nothing but friendly and helpful and I couldn’t feel more welcomed! The company really strive to create a good work life balance and there are great services available to staff. Lots of great perks too like on site gym and cafeteria, discounted phone and insurance rates, and the ability to work a compressed schedule!

Points positifs

Gym, flexible schedules, benefits
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