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A portion of the employees are newer and usually don’t last long, and those positions have a high turnover. However, the remainder of the staff is mainly composed of veterans who have been there for years... and absolutely hate their jobs, which makes for a terrible morale overall. Many of them started shortly after high school when casinos were fairly new in Western Canada: odds were better, wins were more exciting, and players were more generous. In the years since, numerous casinos have opened creating high competition, the novelty of gaming has waned, and technological improvements mean machines now use tickets instead of coins and there’s fewer manual payouts (meaning fewer opportunities for tipping staff). Suddenly those employees are making a lot less in tips and receiving far fewer perks, but as most are much older now and have families to support, they don’t have many options. Moving up (ie: to supervisor) means starting at the bottom in that position, which usually requires working graveyard shifts, and as their only work experience is in the casino industry, they’d have difficulty finding another job that would pay a decent wage. Therefore most feel trapped and resentful toward the company, while management is completely oblivious, and can’t understand why their morale-boosting attempts (ie: employee appreciation days, a small gift at Christmas, etc) is not only unappreciated, but often seen as insulting by staff.

Réponse du 5 novembre 2019

Garbage = miserable, low morale, uncertainty over Gateway's new ownership (not OLG any more) and endless complaining. Stay away, especially at Innisfil and other Ontario locations. A miserable industry.

Réponse du 7 juillet 2019

Why do you wanna work here? Customer service experience? can't remember. basic CSR questions.

Réponse du 27 mars 2019

They typically interview and you hear back the next week or so, depending on how fast they want to fill that position. Just a background check is now required.

Réponse du 17 juillet 2019

Yes we did receive tips.

Réponse du 2 mars 2020

Yes, if they work 30+ hours per week.

Réponse du 12 août 2019

Tip is ok, that's it. go somewhere with more class and style.

Réponse du 27 mars 2019

Whenever they want you to work your fate lies with the supervisor that does the scheduling and yess there is favoritism among servers.

Réponse du 9 février 2019
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