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J'ai bien aimer l'équipe jusqua maintenant j'ai aucun probleme avec eux. J'attends la formation et je me déroule chez gatestone. any advise ? c
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Not a great place to work

Management has no idea what needs to be done. Pay issues. Has no clear leadership set up. Had to report to multiple people which was quite frustrating.
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Can be good or very bad

It all depends on the boss you have over there, some departments has been great and professional and other has lack of leadership and micromanaging irrelevant stuff and not give a global understanding of how the information provided was helpful to the caller, they only care if you follow those stupid scripts or ''mandate of line'' as they say and penalize you for not helping a caller within the ''mandate of line'' (which is reading pdf and word documents from a ''database'' offered by Service Canada, your basically a robot that ask irrelevant question like their province and how they heard from us and proceed to give them general bullshit information (again, depends on which program you are, some are helpful). Its a good entry level call centre job if you want to learn more about the federal government programs and if you work in the right team but very dull if you don't.
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Fun workplace

Not much to grow. But a good work environment. Work from home also is good if provided. Offers lots of flexibility avoiding commuting to and fro to the workplace
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Professionalism with friendliness

a good place to work but very little growth opportunities, everyone is nice within the company and don’t bother you for nothing, always motivating for improvement
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Productive workspace

Worked with the passport program. Decent place to work, we had lots of coaching sessions which helped with job ability and improvements. was able to work remotely as well which was a plus
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An amazing place to work at

Loved everything about working here! A lot of opportunity and room for growth. Kind and helpful team members. A lot of employee engagement as well :)))
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Aller pas travailler la bas place mediocre supervisor tres mechant mais j’ai adoré travaillé avec les gens environnement très agréable est bonne humeur
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The toxic attitude made work more awful and stressful.

Making us work more than what we could handle is an outright abuse but management couldn't care less about that! The toxic attitude of the manager and senior made work more awful and stressful.
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Productive and fun place to work

The training was good, we had access to the tools, we could watch people working in production and that helped a lot. The supervisors were very helpful and kind, and the hours and pay were good. Went to working from home after 2 months in the office. It was a happy work environment, people were respectful. The bad thing is the full time schedule varies every month so they can attend the business’ needs.Then they closed the program and let the employees know only 2 days before the closing date, which made people go crazy. Everyone from the program were “ temporary” laid off and no plans to be called back by the company anytime soon.Overall a great company to work for.

Points positifs

Great support, beautiful office, good training.

Points négatifs

Schedule is different every month.
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Not Good

Base Salary. No perks/benefits. No stat pay. Teams leads not cooperative. Pressure to meet targets. No bonus/commission. Only good thing is work from home ease.
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They dont pay their employees fairly. They barely increase 0.25$ every 3 months after qualifying for it.

They dont pay their employees fairly. They barely increase 0.25$ every 3 months after qualifying for it. Extremely bad scheduling. They expect you to be available 7 days a week for full time dont prefer specific 5 days availability. This is the worst company to work for as an entry-level technician.

Points positifs

Relaxed work from home

Points négatifs

Extremely low salary, bad scheduling.
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stressful but fun. pay is very less comparing to work. llot of growth opportunity. favoritism is there but its everywhere these days so cant complain
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Beware of the managers!

Beware of the managers!! They are manipulative liars who will gaslight you into thinking that you're the one who makes mistakes and not them. The management is good at using employees as scapegoats and the passing on the blame to others. You will surely hate it here because of the awful leadership and environment.
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A good stepping stone

The office ambience is nice but you can also WFM. The callers can be a handful. Management can be very unorganized. For example, when they forgot to increase my rate after switching from Unilingual to Bilingual. Instead of apologizing, they told me that my new rate wouldn’t apply until later when I already worked 3 weeks as Bilingual. HR is rude and untrustworthy despite miscommunication issues coming from their end. Luckily the top manager fixed everything. The good only slightly overpowers the bad.
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Acceptable taux horaire, bon environment

Très bon lieu de travail je suis en arrêt temporaire qui à mon goût dure un trop longtemps. Vous êtes bien outillés ce qui vous permet de faire du bon travail
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Abandons its workers

If hours suddenly become short, they waste no time cutting back, to the extremes, rather than repositioning their people. This company provided rather poor initial training but concluded with harsh critiques on a weekly basis on personal performance; regardless of your work ethic or attention to detail. If it's not verbatim to the script, it's wrong.

Points positifs

Paid 30min lunch, respects a few minutes after difficult calls

Points négatifs

Breaks are excessivly regulated and are not provided much time for bathroom breaks.
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Worst-Working Hours and Terrible Job Security Made People Leave Early

I didn't have a good experience here, and that's the reason I was happy to leave as quickly as I could. The working hours were so brutally long that I was too exhausted to go anywhere but home after the work hours were over. There was also poor job security, as anyone could be fired at any time by the moody and arrogant management. Avoid it if you prefer to remain stress- free and want job security!

Points positifs

I am sure you can spend hours and still not find any.
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Toxic attitude had been coming in like a plague

All management did was turn a blind eye on issues occurring in the office, where toxic attitude had been coming in like a plague! It was the worst work environment I've ever been!

Points positifs

No one would ever get bored, because of the interesting insane people surrounding you all day everyday!
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Productive and fun place to work.

Nice place to star your career and growth opportunities as a technical support representative, have the training and knowledge to help employees for the best of their self to growth.
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Great place to work, nice and relax environment.

What is the best part of working at the company?Each employee is valued, all as one in-office team collaboration and high value for work, flexibility in hours if needed, very understanding supers and team leaders.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?calls bk to bk at certain hours...What is the work environment and culture like at the company?harmony and respect, and open to new ideas from employees.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Monday is the highest incoming calls, but cool as team works and help always available.
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