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J'ai bien aimer l'équipe jusqua maintenant j'ai aucun probleme avec eux. J'attends la formation et je me déroule chez gatestone. any advise ? c
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It’s stressful place to work doing 100-150 calls per day. Shift timings are not good .long shifts. Management is very good . Team is helpful. Its neutral
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Not much stress, and good work mates

It’s a nice job and has its pros and cons, but only thing I don’t understand is the sudden cut of hours without informing anyone. Easy to understand and great training
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Fast paced and growth opportunities

Good place to start, but a very traditional work environment. However you have the ability to grow within the organization if you work hard. The turnover rate is also high.
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Stressful daily work for me

Worked here as a Tech Support. The weekly schedule might change once in a while. Day-to-day work resembles a call centre. You pick up a call and solve technical issues with their TV and/or internet if the issue isn't resolved, you can send a technician. But most of the time there isn't a reasonable service appointment you can book so customers can get frustrated. With that, you have to deal with yelling, profanities and intimidation which might affect your mental health. You are also alone most of the time as you are working from home. Support from the supervisors or manager can be through live chat or Teams and sometimes it takes a while for them to respond. The hardest part of the job is when you talk to non-tech-savvy people, including seniors. Also, it's frustrating when you can't figure out the problem because you are just talking on the phone. There might be a live chat agent opportunity so ask your supervisor. The most enjoyable part of the job was when I solved a technical issue and received a compliment. By the way, the company client I was assigned to was Shaw/Rogers. If you want to experience working from home, you can try some other company. But if you're dead set on needing a job right now and want to work from home, go ahead and apply. Good luck!

Points positifs

Work from home, paid training, discounts from the client company, Perkopolis

Points négatifs

angry customers, uncomfortable headset, less reliable supervisors, sitting for a long time, inconsistent coffee and lunch breaks, no holiday time off
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horrible ,beaucoup de micro gestion a n en plus finir sur des futilité ,aucun support des gestionnaire, aucun contact, si ce n est que pour se faire reprocher de s être connecté en line 30 seconde après son shift lol
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Toxic Environment

It’s super stressful, the TL will tell you ask us anything and we will answer you… and then proceed to answer us 5 hours later, having the employees for their bad team management… overstepping boundaries at all costs. Just a toxic environment. Plus they don’t take part time.
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What is the best part of working at the company?I guess the best part was when I got schedule 9am onwards and less stress What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Handling curse full calls of annoyed cxs
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Working here was a complete waste of my time

I had to put with gargantuan workloads and insane deadlines just to chase after a terrible salary! Working literally anywhere else would be far more lucrative and far less exhausting than working at Gatestone.
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Do not work there !!! I repeat DO NOT WORK THERE

I was in management, and i saw the reality of this company, the management it self is a complete mess, i can’t disclose a lot, but please do yourself a favour and stay away from this company. I worked in a lot of call centres but this one is the worst.
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Not bad

It was my first Work From Home job, so grateful for the opportunity. The overall experience was not bad. Obviously this is very fast paced and streesful, you will get less time between calls. The things I don't like is they expect too much for basic pay, they will give you unnecessary instructions for calls which was difficult to follow for me. Also they give no benefits for 1 year. Management had "don't care" attitude but I guess working at a place like this does that to you. Training and support for new hires was good. I will recommend this job to those who likes face pace work.
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hi, it is really a fun workplace since its innovative with brand new tech made so that the employees feel at ease when they come in the office to work.
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The managers should fix their horrible attitudes

My advice to the management: fix your HORRIBLE ATTITUDES! The work environment is already stressful enough, but the constant yelling and rude attitude of the managers do not help at all! They only make us feel worse and burn out faster with their toxic and problematic style of leadership. If the management improves, then this company will follow.

Points positifs

The benefits are great even though the pay is subpar.
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Typical call centre

Worst to no management in the company at all. Stressful atmosphere. Close to 400 calls on a regular basis. Nothing to learn on a daily basis just repetitive work all day.
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Compétitif, sans merci pour les erreurs.

La durée de la formation rémunérée est absurdement long, donne beaucoup d'espoir et la carrière prend fin après quelques erreurs lors des premiers essaies. La culture donne l'impression d'être en compétions avec tout nos collègues et promet de la convivialité alors qu'il s'agit tout a fait du contraire. Le salaire élevé excuse quelque peu la situation mais je n'ai personnellement pas aimé travailler dans ce milieu.

Points positifs

Salaire-formation rémunérée

Points négatifs

Ambiance-cout ''morale''
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Not Bad

Overall good place to work. Some colleagues can be a hassle and management doesn't do much but other than that it was a good place to work in general.
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Good place to start

It's is good to Start and pay is low.Good management team.Hybrid workplace.Recommend this place to start work and one can find more pay while working in bank as well.
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Valuable and addition to the experience

What is the best part of working at the company?The way they train and constant communication even after training What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The contagious calls even during weekends What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Extremely cooperative and motivated What is a typical day like for you at the company?Usually hectic with more than 50 calls a day
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The pay was good but it's not worth the mental toll on your mind. The customers and clients that call have questions that we cannot even answer so why have us be labeled IO's.
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Opportunity knocking

I've personally capitalized on the fact that Gatestone promotes from within and have moved up several positions in my tenure here. It's definitely a learning environment and many different types of work to gain experience - from Tech Support and Customer Service, Fraud investigation, Collections, etc.
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There is a lot of gaslighting going on amongst management

Greed at the top. Upper management does not keep their word on anything they say. They rely very heavily on contractors, often requiring those individuals to work 12+ hour days to get the job done. Between general gaslighting and disarray of leadership, to specific mismanagement, I consistently felt disrespected and undervalued. Where do I stop? This place is toxic. I highly recommend looking elsewhere.

Points positifs

Met some great people and formed some great work relationship with my team.
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