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Technical Support Representative58 avis
Canada58 avis

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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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good place

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they always give room for improvement. the team leaders are very nice . the only issue is that no benefits until after 1 year of working (that is a very long time ) the call durations are long so in day i handle about 7 - 10 calls in day
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Horrible management

Very deorganized company and management. They provide very low salary and after working with them 6 months they will surprise you with more and more tasks without raise . Horrible schedules with 9 hours of work and being not able to choose your schedule even if u had a disability.
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I felt stuck in a rut all day!

The work is repetitive beyond belief. Same problems, same solutions, day in and day out. You won't learn anything new or use your brain much. Say goodbye to any career growth!
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Company doesn’t care about employees. Management treats like robots

No growth. Never seen management like this. Company or management treats employees as robots. They don’t care anything but for money. Management stay on top of head.

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A lot
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Not much stress, and good work mates

It’s a nice job and has its pros and cons, but only thing I don’t understand is the sudden cut of hours without informing anyone. Easy to understand and great training
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Stressful daily work for me

Worked here as a Tech Support. The weekly schedule might change once in a while. Day-to-day work resembles a call centre. You pick up a call and solve technical issues with their TV and/or internet if the issue isn't resolved, you can send a technician. But most of the time there isn't a reasonable service appointment you can book so customers can get frustrated. With that, you have to deal with yelling, profanities and intimidation which might affect your mental health. You are also alone most of the time as you are working from home. Support from the supervisors or manager can be through live chat or Teams and sometimes it takes a while for them to respond. The hardest part of the job is when you talk to non-tech-savvy people, including seniors. Also, it's frustrating when you can't figure out the problem because you are just talking on the phone. There might be a live chat agent opportunity so ask your supervisor. The most enjoyable part of the job was when I solved a technical issue and received a compliment. By the way, the company client I was assigned to was Shaw/Rogers. If you want to experience working from home, you can try some other company. But if you're dead set on needing a job right now and want to work from home, go ahead and apply. Good luck!

Points positifs

Work from home, paid training, discounts from the client company, Perkopolis

Points négatifs

angry customers, uncomfortable headset, less reliable supervisors, sitting for a long time, inconsistent coffee and lunch breaks, no holiday time off
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Fun workplace

Not much to grow. But a good work environment. Work from home also is good if provided. Offers lots of flexibility avoiding commuting to and fro to the workplace
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Professionalism with friendliness

a good place to work but very little growth opportunities, everyone is nice within the company and don’t bother you for nothing, always motivating for improvement
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stressful but fun. pay is very less comparing to work. llot of growth opportunity. favoritism is there but its everywhere these days so cant complain
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Productive and fun place to work.

Nice place to star your career and growth opportunities as a technical support representative, have the training and knowledge to help employees for the best of their self to growth.
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fun place

Fun place to work. minimum pay but overall good is always good and fun .no growth opportunities, to be honest, nonstop calls and messages
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Work life balance

It was great to work at Gatestone but they need to increase the salary, also I can see they are giving many chances to entry level applicants when many doors was closed.
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Reduce hours, more work with no pay increase, schedule preferences are just for shows, keep hiring employee when they can’t give us proper hours, supervisor are just there and not helping

Points positifs

No pros

Points négatifs

Reduced hours
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Problematic CEO and ill-equipped management team

The subpar company, led by a problematic CEO and an ill-equipped management team, is further plagued but an HR department that lacks impartiality and failed to demonstrate any meaningful value. Working for such an organization will likely lead to a draining and demoralizing experience for its employees.
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Don't waste your time in this terrible and awful company

Every employee in this company was drowning in despair. The pay, the benefits, and the hours were all terrible. The bonus structure was ridiculously impossible. When we tried to convey our concerns, we got threats of being fired. The grass is greener with other companies, I'm pretty sure of that. Just don't waste your time in this company.
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Productive and place to make better career

>usually starting day with taking calls >Proper Management.>good Place>Solving customer email issues>training and meeting with employees and parties >Being self dependent on work
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Productive and fun environment

Productive , Work from home avaliblity Fun , Feel like home,Good coworkerCoporativeHave good knowledgeCareer growthSalaryFeasibilityAvaliblityAppreciationBonus
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Fun and some times stressful

Schedule was very odd. 9 hour shift had two 15 min paid breaks and 1 hour unpaid break. Shift timing was odd because it went till 1 am. Stressful call centre environment.
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Unpleasant culture and work environment

The company culture and work environment in this company are unpleasant. The managers do not know how to lead the employees. Their management style is very poor, and they are unable to build a proper culture of teamwork and collaboration. I honestly cannot think of any reasons why the current managers are still aren't being replaced, especially considering how ineffective they are at their job. Pros:It's a decent company to jumpstart your career and gain some experience in the industry.
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Stressful,Poor pay,High expectations

stressful job,poor pay,high expectations,All calls are new and you have to think A LOT for an almost minimum pay job to solve the issues,then again there is new call.then handling the customers and meeting expectations,overall very hard
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good place to work

the company is okay..they pay you minimum and long hours of have no personal life at all.but the management is good and everyone is supportive if you want to learn
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Technical Support Representative chez Gatestone & Co. Inc

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