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Chief Information Officer33 avis
Canada33 avis

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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Worked with the passport program. Decent place to work, we had lots of coaching sessions which helped with job ability and improvements. was able to work remotely as well which was a plus
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An excellent atmosphere where people are treated with empathy and resoect

What is the best part of working at the company?Great training and work atmosphere What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The normal stressors found in any workplaceWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?It is an environment that is fueled by mutual respect What is a typical day like for you at the company?A regular eight hour work day schedule.
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good place

good place to work atfriendly environment hours are not badhas some health benefits offers work from homemanagement easy to work withmust be bilingual
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Wasted Day! Ancient Systems Made Me Want to Scream

Let me tell you, their systems are ancient. We're talking older than a flip phone! They're so slow, it's like using dial-up again. I spent half my day just trying to get things to work. It was a constant battle with outdated technology. By the time I finally accomplished something, I was ready to tear my hair out!
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Stressful but supportive management

the customers were the only issue, management was great. the hours were good and being able to work from home is always a bonus. we did not have access to everything so some things were hard to assist with
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information officer

A good start for your career. The salary is decent and you mostly work from home. its a busy call center with lots of calls but you will get used to it.
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Productive and fun place to work

The training was good, we had access to the tools, we could watch people working in production and that helped a lot. The supervisors were very helpful and kind, and the hours and pay were good. Went to working from home after 2 months in the office. It was a happy work environment, people were respectful. The bad thing is the full time schedule varies every month so they can attend the business’ needs.Then they closed the program and let the employees know only 2 days before the closing date, which made people go crazy. Everyone from the program were “ temporary” laid off and no plans to be called back by the company anytime soon.Overall a great company to work for.

Points positifs

Great support, beautiful office, good training.

Points négatifs

Schedule is different every month.
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A good stepping stone

The office ambience is nice but you can also WFM. The callers can be a handful. Management can be very unorganized. For example, when they forgot to increase my rate after switching from Unilingual to Bilingual. Instead of apologizing, they told me that my new rate wouldn’t apply until later when I already worked 3 weeks as Bilingual. HR is rude and untrustworthy despite miscommunication issues coming from their end. Luckily the top manager fixed everything. The good only slightly overpowers the bad.
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Great place to work, nice and relax environment.

What is the best part of working at the company?Each employee is valued, all as one in-office team collaboration and high value for work, flexibility in hours if needed, very understanding supers and team leaders.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?calls bk to bk at certain hours...What is the work environment and culture like at the company?harmony and respect, and open to new ideas from employees.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Monday is the highest incoming calls, but cool as team works and help always available.
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Amazing part-time job

I worked remotely on a part-time basis. All the staff was very nice and accomodating and I enjoyed working with my team mates. As far as part-time jobs go it was gold. Def recommend.
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Why are they always hiring?

If you thought: because no one works there for a long time, then you got it right! Working at Gatestone means not knowing how many hours a week you will work, or how much money you're gonna make.You will have to work automatically, like a robot and get a huge amount of calls per hour.You will deal with VERY frustrated clients who will yell at you and call you through worst names.You will be monitored 100% of the time and will be evaluated daily. Tell me about a strefull job...They will promess you many hours of work and all of a sudden will give an excuse for not scheduling you for days in a row.You might end at the doctor for psychological treatment.Just keep away from this company!

Points négatifs

Short pauses, over control, irregular pay, stressful Jon, manipulation
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Very average

No prospects of advancement, very hard to reach HR , but otherwise very chill environment , supervisors are nice, and i have been working from home since 2021
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Not worth staying

The experience was reasonable at the start, the company was fairly welcoming and it was a smooth transition from my last job. After the training though, it became clear that this was not a place for me and that was the turning point. Callers screaming at you all day long for unfufilled tasks we had absolutely no control over since we only provide information apparently even though the number callers call to is made for customer service or to help them recieve their payment or fix something on their account. Also other departments we have to transfer callers to simply don't respond. I'm not sure if it was because there's was not enough agents or their devices weren't working or something else. There's no reason to argue with management or supervisors about it, first of all, you'd be lucky to have them assist you but if they do, they'll tell you the same thing everytime "our mandate is...blablabla" and you're left to deal with enraged people that believe we have control over their payments or accounts even though we don't. Then there's this thing where we can program a "callback" if they really want to the callers can speak a program agent that has control and is responsible for their payments and their application settings so they can fix their issue but it the turn around time is 40 f*cking days for a program agent to call them then the callers all loose their temper.Coming from someone who isn't bothered that much by customer service jobs, it's absolutely ridiculous the mental gymnastics my mind had to make because of how unorganized everything was setup. That 40 day - 
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Fun Workplace

Great place if you want to learn and grow. If you put the effort, and I'm not talking about working like crazy, you will have room to be promoted pretty quickly.
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They do not Accomodate.

They over hired for my original position and to compensate they shuffled my class around to different positions within the company. This meant we had to do more training, and while we were allowed to complete the technical training from home, our "nesting" was to be in office. At the time my fiance and I were going through a financial hardship and I requested accomodation as I was not able to afford going in office for "nesting". The upper managements response was "Tough luck, make it work."

Points positifs

Bottom rung staff is nice.

Points négatifs

Shifts change weekly, not guaranteed 40 hours, upper management is not accommodating.
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Ability to work fully remote, clients and management aren't pleasant

Overall my time at Gatestone was okay, the lack of proper benefits made it so I could not see myself working there long term. A lot of micro-management and a lot of the people calling in for help can be disrespectful. Overall an demoralizing job.

Points positifs

work from home

Points négatifs

no benefits, micro-management, managers
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Work from home

Schedule wise is a bit complex if you’re full time as you have to be available til 8pm but on the good side you work from home 98% of the time at least if you’re from the Passport program.
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It’s alright

Very fast paced depending on which program you do. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend anyone to work there considering it’s not really a place to build a career.
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Not worth it longterm

insane amount of micromanaging. The managers can be very rude and condescending. There is a lack of quality control when it comes to who is hired and how we provide our services. Unorganized and unprofessional from day 1. Your job is not to help people. it is to get as much people off the phone you can , regardless of whether or not the information youre giving out makes sense. Constantly changing rules without notice and then blaming employees for not adhering to rules they were not aware of. The flexibility of changing around your schedule is the only redeeming factor. There is a high turnover rate for a reason.
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Dont recommend

Ive been employed since January and its a mess. Supervisor dont even help you they barely know what to do when you ask them for help but wants amazing result and stats. They don’t care about your well being. Alot of calls for refunds that are asked for a year + so you deal with alot of angry customer. Which is very hard on your mental in the long run. Spoke with my supervisor about it doesnt care. They just care about good stats. Seriously its not worth it!

Points positifs

Weekend off

Points négatifs

Bad supervisor, dont care about employe
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Tooo many calls amd stressful environment but by time you get used to it. Supervisors are strict and unfriendly . They should know that were humans and not computers
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Chief Information Officer chez Gatestone & Co. Inc

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